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There are 764 nature reserves in the state of Lower Saxony in north Germany, covering a total area of 250,578 hectares (619,190 acres) as at 31 December 2008.

These reserves currently form about 4.72% of the land area in the state, including the coastal waters out to 12 nautical miles (22 km). In addition, there are two national parks and one biosphere reserve that are also under strict protection and which raise the area coverage to 11.32%.[1]

The table below shows a selection of these reserves. Where a nature reserve extends over several rural (Landkreise) or urban districts (Kreisfreie Städte) these are given in order of the size area covered. By sorting on the column "Rural/Urban District" the reserves that are found wholly or partially within a district can be seen at a glance. In order to locate the other areas, use the search function of your computer keyboard (CTRL / Ctrl + F).

The NSG Nos. (i.e. nature reserve numbers) are based on the former provinces (Regierungsbezirken) (BR = Brunswick, HA = Hanover, LÜ = Lüneburg, WE = Weser-Ems).

NSG No. Name of the nature reserve Rural / Urban District Area (ha)
BR 001 Riddagshausen City of Brunswick 526
BR 006 Upper Harz Goslar district 513
BR 017 Alleraue Forest (Allerauenwald) in the Drömling Helmstedt district 94.7
BR 023 Bullenkuhle Gifhorn district 2.3
BR 038 Seeburger See Göttingen district 122.1
BR 043 Oker Valley Goslar district 206 ha Wolfenbüttel district 40 ha 246
BR 051 Großes Moor (near Gifhorn) Gifhorn district 2720
BR 054 Weper Northeim district 200
BR 072 Lammer Holz City of Brunswick 25
BR 075 Barnbruch City of Wolfsburg 630 ha Gifhorn district 570 ha 1200
BR 078 Steinberg Osterode district 12
BR 080 Staufenberg Osterode district 157.9
BR 118 Braunschweiger Okeraue City of Brunswick 320
BR 124 Oderaue Landkreise Osterode and Northeim 510
BR 140 Wurmberg Goslar district 183
HA 024 Dümmer Diepholz district 552.5 ha Vechta district 160 ha Osnabrück district 32.5 ha 745
HA 214 Ith Hameln-Pyrmont district 1962 ha, Holzminden district 753 ha 2715
HA 215 Mühlenberg Schaumburg district 4,7
LÜ 002 Lüneburg Heath Harburg district 10214.9 ha Soltau-Fallingbostel district 13222 ha 23436.9
LÜ 009 Kalkberg Lüneburg district 7.6
LÜ 010 Brunsberg Harburg district 60.6
LÜ 027 Bullensee Rotenburg (Wümme) district 32
LÜ 098 Meißendorf Lakes and Bannetze Moor Celle district 815
LÜ 134 Großes Moor (near Becklingen) Celle district 666 ha Soltau-Fallingbostel district 184 ha 850
LÜ 168 Maujahn Moor Lüchow-Dannenberg district 37
LÜ 170 Bornrieth Moor Celle district 115
LÜ 185 Grundloses Moor Heidekreis 295
LÜ 190 Kiehnmoor Uelzen district 340 ha Celle district 100 ha 440
LÜ 212 Central Lüß Plateau Heaths Celle district 293
LÜ 252 Tiste Bauernmoor Rotenburg (Wümme) district 570
LÜ 277 Lutter Celle district 1937.6 ha, Gifhorn district 497.7 ha 2435
LÜ 287 Lachte Celle district 364 ha, Town of Celle 125 ha 489
WE 003 Darnsee Osnabrück district 11
WE 247 Steinberg Emsland district 24


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