Naturewatch Foundation

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Naturewatch Foundation
NWF Logo Wikipedia.jpg
Founded 1991 (1991)
Founder John Ruane[1]
Type Animal welfare charity
Registration no. 1039679
Focus animal welfare
Area served
 United Kingdom
Method Campaigning, lobbying, humane education

Naturewatch Foundation, founded in 1991 by the late John Ruane, is a registered charity in the UK. Their mission is to "end animal cruelty and advance animal welfare standards around the world".[2]

Naturewatch Foundation run animal welfare campaigns within the United Kingdom, most notably campaigns against animal experiments, puppy farming and badger baiting,[3] as well as running stray animal welfare programmes in Ukraine.[4] They have published The Compassionate Shopping Guide regularly since 1993,[5] endorsing cruelty-free cosmetic and household product brands. They claim to operate the world's strictest endorsement criteria for cruelty-free companies,[6][7] insisting on a fixed cut-off date animal testing policy for both brands and parent companies.[8]

They have sponsored the World Animal Day movement since 2003.[9]



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