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Coordinates: 52°31′23″N 13°22′43″E / 52.523136°N 13.378625°E / 52.523136; 13.378625

Naturschutzbund Deutschland
Conservation charity
Headquarters Charitéstrasse 3, 10117 Berlin
Key people
Chief Executive: Olaf Tschimpke
Members 530,000 (06/2016)
NABU Station Haus Wattwurm on the Speicherkoog Dithmarschen

The Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. ("Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union") or NABU is a German non-governmental organisation (NGO) dedicated to conservation at home and abroad, including the protection of rivers, forests and individual species of animals.

NABU is one of the largest, most well-known, nature conservation groups in Germany and has worked for over 100 years for man and nature. NABU carries out specific conservation projects, maintains a research institute, runs environmental training and informs the media and public about important topics connected with the environment and nature conservation. The society is formally recognised by the German state as an environmental and conservation society, a body responsible for public issues (Träger öffentlicher Belange), and must therefore be consulted over issues affecting the ecology.

NABU has about 530,000 members (as of June 2016) as active conservationists or supporters. They are organised into more than 1,800 local groups across Germany.

NABU is the national partner organisation of BirdLife International.


The NABU was founded by Lina Hähnle on 1 February 1899 in Stuttgart as the Bund für Vogelschutz (BfV).


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