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Natzschung valley in winter
Valley of Natzschung river between Rübenau and Rothental.
Country Czech Republic; Saxony, Germany
Main source near Načetín
820 m
50°33′01″N 13°16′12″E / 50.5502°N 13.2700°E / 50.5502; 13.2700
River mouth Flöha, Olbernhau
468 m
50°39′03″N 13°22′13″E / 50.6508°N 13.3702°E / 50.6508; 13.3702Coordinates: 50°39′03″N 13°22′13″E / 50.6508°N 13.3702°E / 50.6508; 13.3702
Progression Flöha – ZschopauFreiberger MuldeMuldeElbeNorth Sea
River system Elbe
Basin size 80,3 km²
Physical characteristics
Length 16.5 km

Natzschung (Czech: Načetínský potok) is a river in Bohemia (Czech Republic) and Saxony (Germany). It is a left tributary of the Flöha, which it joins in Olbernhau. For much of its length it forms the border between Czech Republic and Germany.

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