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Not to be confused with Nagaon, Assam.

Naugaon (Hindi: नौगाँव) is a small town of Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand, India,[1] situated by the Yamuna river.[2] It lies on national highway 123. It is a junction near the towns Barkot, Purola and Damta. It is a town of approximately 5000 population. It is also a block of Uttarkashi.


The name of Naugaon is of because initially there were only nine villages(गाँव)Naugaon,Sunara, Kotiyalgaon,manjiyali,tunalka,bhatiya,matiyali,rastari,Mungra. In the Naugaon region you can find many ancient parts of history.Late Shri Daulat Ram Ranwalta ji the man who brought saraswati Shishu Mandir in the town. many many salute to this great leader.


  • Government inter college Naugaon
  • Daulat ram ravanlta saraswati vidya mandir
  • S.H.S.V.M. Naugaon
  • sasaswati shishu mandir
  • Basic school
  • Bal vidya mandir
  • Kanya junior high school MURARI
  • Jagriti public school
  • Dhanvantri public school

Medical and healthcare[edit]

  • Meenakshi Medical store since 1983 one of the most trusted and oldest medical store in naugaon giving quality medicines of all brands run by Mr. Surendra Singh Sajwan
  • Community health centre
  • Government veterinary hospital
  • chauhan medical store
  • Rana Medical Stire
  • Dr.Rashmi Chand Clinic with maternity treatment facility


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