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Not to be confused with Nagaon, Assam.

Naugaon (Hindi: नौगाँव) is a small town of Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand, India,[1] situated by the Yamuna river.[2] It lies on national highway 123. It is a junction near the towns Barkot, Purola and Damta. It is a town of approximately 5000 population. It is also a block of Uttarkashi.


The name of Naugaon is of because initially there were only nine villages(गाँव). In the Naugaon region you can find many ancient parts of history.


  • Government inter college Naugaon
  • Daulat ram ravanlta saraswati vidya mandir
  • S.H.S.V.M. Naugaon
  • sasaswati shishu mandir
  • Basic school
  • Bal vidya mandir
  • Kanya junior high school MURARI
  • Jagriti public school
  • Dhanvantri public school

Medical and healthcare[edit]

  • Community health centre
  • Government veterinary hospital
  • chauhan medical store and many other.


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