Naujoji Akmenė

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Naujoji Akmenė
Flag of Naujoji Akmenė
Coat of arms of Naujoji Akmenė
Coat of arms
Naujoji Akmenė is located in Lithuania
Naujoji Akmenė
Naujoji Akmenė
Location of Naujoji Akmenė
Coordinates: 56°19′N 22°54′E / 56.317°N 22.900°E / 56.317; 22.900Coordinates: 56°19′N 22°54′E / 56.317°N 22.900°E / 56.317; 22.900
Country Lithuania
Ethnographic regionSamogitia
CountyŠiauliai County
MunicipalityAkmenė district municipality
EldershipNaujoji Akmenė town eldership
Capital ofAkmenė district municipality
Naujoji Akmenė town eldership
Naujoji Akmenė rural eldership
First mentioned1949
Granted city rights1965
 • Total9,300
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Naujoji Akmenė (About this soundpronunciation , Samogitian: Naujuojė Akmenė) is a new town that was established in 1952 and is therefore one of the newest cities in Lithuania. Its name means New Akmenė. It is an industrial base with concrete as its main product, with Public company Akmenės cementas (English: Akmenė Concrete) producing 700,000 tonnes of concrete annually. As a new city it did initially have well-developed infrastructure. For example, a special branch of the railway had to be built for the factory needs. Also, the road network was rapidly developing before the city existed.

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