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Nausori is a town in Fiji. It had a population of 47,604 at the 2007 census,[1] the most recent to date. This makes it the fourth most populous municipality in the country. Situated 19 kilometers out of Suva, it forms one pole of the burgeoning Suva-Nausori corridor.

Nausori grew up around Fiji's second sugar mill, which functioned between 1881 and 1959. The Rewa Rice Mill is now there, as is Nausori International Airport, which serves the capital.

Fiji Television reported on March 20, 2006 that an ancient Fijian village, believed to have been occupied by chiefs sometime between 1250 and 1560, had been discovered at Kuku, in Nausori. Its heavily fortified battle fort contained unique features not seen elsewhere in Fiji. Archeologist Sepeti Matararaba of the Fiji Museum expressed astonishment at some of the discoveries at the site, which included an iron axe used by white traders in exchange for Fijian artefacts. Local villages were reported to be rebuilding the site with a view to opening it up to tourists.

Nausori was incorporated as a town in 1931 and is governed by a 12-member Town Council, elected for a three-year term. At the municipal election, held on 22 October 2005, all seats were won by the Ratepayers' Association. The new council elected Vikash Singh to the mayoralty, a position with a one-year renewable term. After the 2006 coup, the Military-backed interim government dismissed Singh from office and transferred his duties to a government-appointed Special Administrator. As of 2015, Nausori's autonomy has not been restored.

A new 425m bridge across the Rewa River built by Fletcher Construction opened in 2006 links Nausori to the capital, Suva.[2] Its area is 19 369 km2.


Before its disestablishment, Air Fiji was headquartered in Nausori.[3]


Nausori is the home of association football teams Rewa F.C. and Tailevu/Naitasiri F.C. and Rugby Union team Tailevu Knights. Multi-use sports stadium Vodafone Ratu Cakobau Park is in the town and hosts the three teams' matches. The stadium has a capacity of 8,000.[4]


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