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This article is about the electronic music artist. For the shelled cephalopod, see nautilus.

Nautilis is Texan electronic music artist Skyler McGlothlin. His music is released primarily through the UK based Planet Mu label. While studying at the University of North Texas, he experimented with different musical elements and focused on an Advanced Audio and Multimedia degree. His work on a Leafcutter John remix competition brought him the attention of planet-mu owner Mike Paradinas.

His debut album Are you an Axolotl was released in 2002 to critical acclaim. The album contains a mixture of very melodic DSP-driven sounds mixed in with elements of hip-hop and jazz. This was quickly followed by his second full-length album Sketches. This album was also warmly received and breaking into several "top 10 of 2002" lists.

2004-2006, Skyler turned his attention to a more hip-hop oriented sound. Released on the Florida-based Merck label, "Breakspiracy Theories" is the first effort under Skyler’s "Malcom Kipe" alias. The album plays with old-school beats, scratching and features several MCs. In 2007, Nautilis remixed E.Stonji's "Con.trst" on a Binary Dilemma 12" record of the same name.

2006-2009 Skyler has been playing guitar in the band Shapes Have Fangs. Shave Have Fangs was chosen to back Sky Saxon of the seeds for his performances during his brief time in Austin, Texas. Shapes has released a split 7" with Business Deal Records and is planning to release a full length album in 2010. Shapes Have Fangs members Skyler McGlothlin and Dustin Coffey are responsible for Laguna Studio. Laguna Studio is the recording studio / practice space of Shapes Have Fangs. Laguna has also recorded Woven Bones, Finally Punk, Christian Bland & the Revelators, The Fleshlights, Cavedweller, John Wesley Coleman, and Cry Blood Apache. The studio is quickly becoming a staple in the Austin, Texas area. They use traditional analog recording techniques and are interested in documenting music made by their friends.

He has collaborated with several advertising agencies such as GSDM, Beast, and Action Figure and various commercial projects can be viewed at More recently he has shifted his focus from ad work to the gaming industry. He scored the music for PlayStation 3 game Retro/Grade.[1] Then created the music for Neverending Nightmares.[2] a critically acclaimed adventure horror game created by mastermind Matt Gilgenbach creator and head of Infinitap Games.[3][4] Neverending Nightmares was exclusively funded through, 100k was raised in 30 days. McGlothlin recently finished scoring the demo for what could be consider the sequel to Neverending Nightmares, Devastating Dreams. The demo is in final stages and a kickstarter page to fund the full game will launch in July 2015. The concept is inspired by the Philippine folklore legend of the Manananggal, a woman by day who at night tears herself in half, grows giant bat wings and flies around sucking unborn fetuses from pregnant women.

Aside from collaborative / commercial work Skyler has been working on a solo project that is conceptually based on nostalgic memories from the 80's. "I just want to make music I like to listen to and right now I'm in to this 80's sound, the stuff I used to hear playing on the radio at the pool when my parents were playing racket ball at the fitness club." Another "Nautilis" album probably won't happen but there will certainly be more music created by this artist in the future. You can find sketches of his current project music @


Title Type Label Year
"Delofasht" CDr Ill Transcendental Records 1999
"Marufo / Vilox / Janem" 7" Planet Mu 2001
"Are You An Axolotl" 2xLP Planet Mu 2002
"Are You An Axolotl" Album Planet Mu 2002
"Sketches" Album Planet Mu 2002
"Sketches Vol. 1" 12" Planet Mu 2002
"Sketches Vol. 2 12" Planet Mu 2002
"Fiasco" 7" Systorm Technologies 2003
"Nautilis & Uga Split" CDr 3" Awkward Silence Recordings 2005
"Stonch" CDr 3" Cactus Island Recordings 2006


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