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Nautilus is the common name of the Nautilidae family of marine animals, which also contains the genus Nautilus.

Nautilus may also refer to:

Ships and submarines[edit]

Further information: Ships named Nautilus
  • Nautilus (1800 submarine), first practical submarine invented by Robert Fulton
  • Nautilus (Verne), fictional submarine of Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
  • EV Nautilus, United States research vessel
  • HMS Nautilus, various ships and submarines of the British Royal Navy
  • UC3 Nautilus, a private submarine designed and built by Peter Madsen
  • USS Nautilus, various ships and submarines of the United States Navy
  • Nautilus, the ship used by Fernando Villaamil for his world circumnavigation of 1892–1894
  • Nautilus, ex-USS O-12 (SS-73), an O-11-class submarine (1917–1931), bore the name Nautilus during a British civilian expedition commanded by Captain Sir Hubert Wilkins in an unsuccessful attempt to journey below the Arctic sea ice to the North Pole in 1931.



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