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The Nauvoo City Council was a short-lived municipal body for the City of Nauvoo, Illinois.


The Nauvoo City Charter was passed by the Illinois Legislature on December 16, 1840. The legislature established the Nauvoo City Council, consisting of the Mayor, four Aldermen, and nine Councilors. By state law, each office held a two-year term.

According to the charter, members of the City Council also sat on the Municipal Court of Nauvoo – for example, the Mayor doubled in the role of Chief Justice.


Mayor (Chief Justice)
  1. John C. Bennett February 1, 1841 – May 17, 1842
  2. Joseph Smith May 19, 1842 – June 27, 1844
  3. Chancy Robison[1]
Aldermen (Associate Justices) [2]


In January 1845, the legislature repealed the Nauvoo Charter by a vote of 25-14 in the Senate and 75-31 in the House.[3] Nauvoo was dis-incorporated and its assets placed into a receivership.

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