Navíd Akhavan

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Navíd Akhavan
Born (1980-06-09) June 9, 1980 (age 36)
Tehran, Iran
Other names Navid Akhavan
Occupation actor, translator, singer
Years active 2001–present

Navíd Akhavan (Persian: نوید اخوان‎‎; born 9 June 1980, Tehran) is an Iranian-German actor best known for his role as Hakan in the German comedy television series König von Kreuzberg.

Navid Akhavan was born in Teheran, Iran. Due to the Iran-Iraq war the four-year Navid had to escape with his family from his native country. They lived for some time in the US but since 1985 Navid has been in Germany at home, with his father, his mother and his younger brother.

Akhavan grew up speaking English, German, and Persian. He performed on stage for the first time when he was eight years old.

He has grown up with music. His mother, a composer, and his father, a concert organizer, let him participate in their working life. He has played in different theater, TV and film productions during and over this time. During 2003 Akhavan was nominated "best actor" for his role in the 2003 drama Fremder Freund.




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