Nava Vasantham

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Nava Vasantham
Directed by K. Shahjahan
Produced by R. B. Choudary
Starring Tarun Kumar
Music by S. A. Rajkumar
Cinematography R. Madhi
Edited by V. Jaishankar
Super Good films
Release date
09 November 2007
Country India
Language Telugu

Nava Vasantham is a remake of the Tamil film Punnagai Desam, both of which have Tarun in a lead role. It is a remake of the film by same director Shahjahan. Akash's performance was highly appreciated and Akash won best supporting actor award for his role in this movie. Sunil's comedy and Tarun in totally different character.


Ganesh (Tarun) comes from village to meet his uncle and his daughter Ammu (Priyamani). His uncle refuses to acknowledge his presence and does not want his daughter to get married with him. He meets his friends Prasad (Akash), Raja (Rohith), Vijay (Sunil) who are living in bad conditions and helps them achieve their dreams.