Navaandorjiin Jadambaa

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Navaandorjiin Jadambaa (Mongolian: Наваандоржийн Жадамбаа) was the first republican Head of State of Mongolia. He became Chairman of the State Great Hural in November 1924 following the death of the Bogd Khan. Only a day later he was replaced by Peljidiin Genden.

Usually a regency would follow the death of the Bogd Khan until his reincarnation had reached his majority; however, in this case the search for the reincarnation of the Bogd Khan was banned (his reincarnation was discovered in Tibet in 1936) and the country has maintained a republican constitution ever since.

Preceded by
The Bogd Khan
Head of State
November 28, 1924 – November 29, 1924
Succeeded by
Peljidiin Genden