Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference

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Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference
Genre Foreign affairs
Location(s) Annapolis, Maryland
Country United States

The Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference (NAFAC) is the largest undergraduate, foreign-affairs conference in the United States. Providing a forum for addressing pressing international concerns since 1961, NAFAC seeks to explore current, demanding issues from both a civilian and military perspective. Held at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, NAFAC brings together Naval Academy students and their civilian and military counterparts to share ideas and concerns relating to international affairs.

Past speakers include: George H.W. Bush, Joseph Biden, Stephen Hadley, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, Robert Gates, Wesley Clark, Charles Krauthammer, Sheryl Sandberg and Hillary Clinton.


Each year a unique theme is chosen for NAFAC; noteworthy individuals with expertise in relevant fields are invited to address the conference delegates. These scores of delegates represent colleges from across the United States and around the globe; conference attendees bring with them unique attitudes and approaches that, through discussion and interaction, are intended to enlighten the thinking of others.

The entire conference is organized and run by United States Naval Academy students — known as "midshipmen." These future officers of the Navy and the Marine Corps also serve as moderators, presenters, and delegates.

NAFAC Topics[edit]

1996 - A New Multilaterlism
1997 - The Struggle for Democracy
1998 - Asia Rising?
1999 - Keeping Peace
2000 - Civil-Military Relations
2001 - Terrorism
2002 - Central and Southwest Asia
2003 - Strangers in a Common Land: Preserving Israel and Palestine
2004 - Post-War Reconstruction: Iraq
2005 - Power and Purpose: Defining America's Role in the World
2006 - Africa: Turning Attention into Action
2007 - Asia At The Crossroads
2008 - Latin America
2009 - Bridging the Gap: Combatting Global Poverty
2010 - National Security Beyond the Horizon: Changing Threats in a Changing World
2011 - People, Power, and Politics in the Internet Age
2012 - The Eclipse of the West?
2013 - Time of Transition
2014 - Human Security in the Information Age
2015 - Sustainability and Sovereignty: Global Security in a Resource-Strained World
2016 - Women and Security : The Implications of Promoting Global Gender Equality


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