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Naval Intelligence Professionals
Founded 1985

Naval Intelligence Professionals (NIP) is a non-profit professional association incorporated to enhance awareness of the mission and vital functions of the United States naval intelligence community, as well as to foster camaraderie among naval intelligence professionals, founded in 1985.

It is an association of active duty, retired and reserve officers, enlisted personnel, and civilians who serve or have served within the Naval Intelligence community, as well as those in certain other categories who qualify as a nonvoting Subscriber.

The goal of the Naval Intelligence Professionals is to further the knowledge of the art of maritime intelligence, and to provide a vehicle whereby present and former Naval Intelligence Professionals may be kept informed of developments in the Naval Intelligence community and of the activities and whereabouts of past shipmates.

Naval Intelligence Foundation[edit]

In 1989, they founded the Naval Intelligence Foundation (NIF), a tax exempt, charitable and educational organization created for the sole purpose of soliciting, receiving, and administering funds and property in order to advance knowledge in the art of Naval and Maritime Intelligence, and to recognize and reward academic excellence and professional achievement in the field of Intelligence. NIF does not have a membership per se, but draws its support from the NIP membership and from other individual and corporate sponsors and supporters of Naval Intelligence. NIF sponsors and presents awards and scholarships as noted in "Naval Intelligence Foundation Programs" below.

Awards and scholarships[edit]

  • Vice Admiral Rufus L. Taylor Award
    • Awarded for clearly demonstrated excellence in Naval Intelligence instruction
  • Intelligence Specialists and Office of Naval Intelligence Sailors of the Year Award
    • Awarded for leadership, performance, and professionalism
  • Admiral Bobby Ray Inman Award
    • Awarded for the outstanding contribution to the field of intelligence
  • Admiral Ike Kidd Award
    • Awarded for the highest level of professionalism in Naval Intelligence
  • Admiral Robert L. J. Long Award
  • Rear Admiral Donald M. Showers Award
    • Awarded to the Honor Graduate of the Naval Intelligence Officers Basic Course at the Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC)
  • Naval Reserve Intelligence Analyst of the Year Award
    • Awarded for outstanding analysis performed by a drilling reservist
  • Naval Intelligence Foundation Navy League Award
    • Awarded for exceptional leadership in providing excellence in operational intelligence support to the fleet
  • Naval Intelligence Foundation Scholarships
    • Awarded to college-bound graduating seniors who are dependents of Navy or Marine Corps personnel serving on active duty in an intelligence assignment
      • CAPT Anthony D. Sesow Scholarship
      • VADM Donald D. Engen Scholarship
      • CAPT Richard Ward Bates Scholarship
  • Ann Z. Caracristi Award
  • Naval Intelligence Junior Officers of the Year Awards
    • Awarded for leadership, performance, and professional excellence in the Naval Intelligence Community

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