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Naval and Maritime Academy, Trincomalee
Active 15 January 1967 – Present
Country Sri Lanka
Type Training
Role Officer and Sailor Training
Garrison/HQ SLN Dockyard, Trincomalee
Nickname(s) NMA
Motto(s) Moulding future Admirals
Anniversaries 15 July
Commandant Commodore Y.N. Jayarathna

Naval and Maritime Academy (NMA), Trincomalee, is the location of initial officer training in the Sri Lanka Navy, and is located within SLN Dockyard, Trincomalee. It received university status in 2001.


The necessity to establish a separate Academy was felt hence, NMA was established at present location on 15thJanuary 1967 and was subsequently commissioned on 15thJuly 1967 with Instructor Commander MGSPerera as the first Commandant, who was also the main pillar behind establishment of NMA as its proud founderfather. With the commissioning, officer training, till then were undertaken by the Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth, came within the ambit of NMA.

NMA has proved its mettle by training an umpteen number of officers and sailors to cater the needs of Sri Lanka Navy and still it shoulders that endeavour, being unparalleled to any other institution.Apart from initial officer training for various entrants,NMA today conducts Sub Lieutenant Technical Courses for Executive, Logistic and NPM branch officers, in addition to training of other officer grades such as Direct Entry (Degree holders), Service Entry & Short Service commissioned schemes. The Officer Cadet Entry scheme was accredited to the esteemed University of Kelaniyasince year 2001. The academy at present is accredited to KotelawalaDefence University too and is expanding to meet the Naval & National demands.

All officer undertraineeswho undergo the stipulatedprogramme at present are conferred with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Naval and Maritime Studies, Naval Studies and Naval Logistics Management.

In the sense of preparing officers with required professionalism, NMA has recently stepped in to a new milestone by commencing the Long Logistics Management Course which is the first ever long specialization course leading to a MBA degree. Also for maintaining high standards in staff duties, NMA conducts 18 weeks long Junior Naval Staff Courses regularly for junior officers to make them confident enough in carrying out staff duties. Future enhancement of training encompasses the commencement of Long specialization course for middle level executive officers in the fields of Navigation, Communication, Gunnery and ASW in mid 2015. The training for naval ratings encompasses phase III and advanced training courses comprised with branch training, specialization training, mechanical and technical training.

NMA continues to strive and achieve international standards whilst holding the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification awarded by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution, since 2007. This was upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 in the year 2010.In recognition of yeoman service rendered over the years, NMA was awarded with the prestigious President Colours in 2003. Therefore, the exact professional excellence of Naval and Maritime Academy is epitomized without a shadow of a doubt today. The motto "The disciplined are the noblest of men" is conceptually leading the institution to the exact target. Accomplishments of Sri Lanka Navy over the past decades bear the testimony to the effective quality of training imparted by Naval and Maritime Academy.

ASW School[edit]

The first course for UC/UW III trainees was conducted on 8 February 1993 under the command of the OIC Nautical School. On 7 May 2002, ASW School was established and first OIC was LCdr DAS Pothupitiya. The School imparts practical and theoretical knowledge pertaining to undersea warfare in order to produce under water warfare specialized sailors and officers for Sri Lanka Navy.

Diving school[edit]

The school was established on 16 June 1996 and producing well qualified divers not only to the Sri Lanka Navy but also conducting courses for officers and soldiers of Special Force and Commando Regiments of Sri Lanka Army. The first OIC of the school was LCdr (CDO) UVMP Perera.

Medical Assistants Training School[edit]

This school was established on 21 May 1998 at old library building and is capable of conducting basic nursing courses for medical branch sailors. The first OIC of the school was Lt (WM) VADN Edward.

Combat Training Unit[edit]

The school was established near Waterloo junction on 23 October 2003 and conducting courses for patrolmen branch officers and sailors and combat module for all other officers and sailors. The first OIC of the school was of LCdr (NP) KGN Ranaweera.

NBCD School[edit]

Nuclear Biological Chemical Defence and fire fighting and damage control school was established on 7 March 2006. The first OIC of the school was LCdr (E) DMNA Dassanayake.

Naval Marksmanship & Sniper Training School[edit]

The school was established on 18 December 2006 at Waterloo junction and subsequently shifted to its present location at Shoebury junction on 18 December 2007. This school is capable of producing snipers to the Sri Lanka Navy. Lt (NP) KPNG Kariyawasam was the first OIC of the school.


There are several intakes for cadet officers and midshipmen annually. These are under the following category.

  • Cadet Entry Degree Programme
  • Cadet Entry Non-Degree Programme
  • KDU Entry [General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University]
  • Direct Entry Stream to the Regular Force - For professionals (Doctors, IT specialists, Engineers, etc.)
  • Volunteer Stream - Officers for the Sri Lanka Volunteer Naval Force
  • Service Entry - For serving ratings

Degrees conducted by the NMA[edit]

These degrees are accredited to the University of Kelaniya;


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