Naval bases of the Korean People's Navy

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Korean People's Navy
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Korean People's Navy
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The Korean People's Navy operates along both coastlines from major and minor bases. The Korean People's Navy headquarters is in P'yongyang.

West Sea Fleet[edit]

The western fleet has approximately 300 ships.

  • Pip'a-got: limited operational and logistical support to patrol craft; also home to some submarines
  • Sagot (Sagon-ni): home to Squadron 8
  • Ch'o-do: small support base and home to Squadron 9 (fast attack craft)
  • Tasa-ri: small naval base
  • Haeju: major naval base and ship repair facility close to Demarcation Line
  • Kwangyang-ni
  • Sunwi-do
  • Yomju (Yomju-gun)
  • Yongwi-do

East Sea Fleet[edit]

The eastern fleet has approximately 470 ships.

  • T'oejo-dong: base for patrol boats and 1 frigate
  • Wonsan (Munch'on): large maritime complex and HQ for East Fleet
  • Ch'aho (Ch'aho-nodongjagu): one of two submarine bases in North Korea
  • Ch'angjon: home base for smaller patrol boats
  • Mayangdo: operational and logistical support for submarines, anti-submarine craft, and patrol boats; one of 2 submarine bases in North Korea
  • Puam-ni: small base for patrol boats and landing craft
  • Mugyepo: base for patrol boats, landing craft and frigates
  • Rason (Rajin): major naval operations and training centre
  • Puam Dong: base for patrol boats and landing craft
  • Songjon-Pando: support base for patrol and missile boats; part of the larger Wonsan naval/maritime complex

Some ships are domestically built at the Wonsan and Nampho shipyards. Southern bases on both coasts are used to organize infiltrations into South Korea and Japan.