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The following list presents the naval versions of the Rank and Insignia of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces from 1980, until 1999. In the far left, ranks are those that follow traditional Western military ranks, in the center are the Spanish name ranks in italics, and in the far right are the rank insignia.

Officer Ranks[edit]

Commander in Chief and General of the Army are all-forces high ranks. A unique feature in the Navy is the use of all three Lieutenant ranks (Frigate, Corvette and Ship-of-the-Line) and the use of the Ensign rank.

Naval ranks Name Shoulder insignia
Admiral Almirante
Vice Admiral Vicealmirante
Rear Admiral/Counter Admiral Contralmirante
Captain/Ship-of-the-Line Captain Capitán de Navío
Commander/Corvette Captain Capitán de Fragata
Lieutenant Commander/Frigate Captain Capitán de Corbeta
Lieutenant/Ship-of-the-Line Lieutenant Teniente de Navío
Lieutenant Junior Grade/Frigate Lieutenant Teniente de Fragata
Probationary Lieutenant/Corvette Lieutenant Teniente de Corbeta
Ensign Alférez

Warrant Officers[edit]

All-forces ranks Name Collar insignia
Senior Warrant Officer Primer Suboficial
Warrant Officer Segundo Suboficial
Junior warrant Officer Suboficial

Enlisted ranks[edit]

All-forces ranks Name Collar insignia
Petty Officer 1st Class Sargento de Primera
Petty Officer 2nd Class Sargento de Segunda
Petty Officer 3rd Class Sargento de Tercera
Leading Seaman Cabo

The ranks of Seaman Recruit (Marinero) and Able Seaman (Marinero de Primera) wear no rank insignia at all.

Present Rank Insignia[edit]

Sistema de Grados FAR.JPG

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