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Navana Group
Founder Shafiul Islam Kamal
Headquarters Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Key people
Shafiul Islam Kamal (Chairman & Managing Director)

Navana Group is a Bangladeshi industrial conglomerate.

Navana Group under the leadership of Shafiul Islam Kamal as Chairman emerged into a separate physical entity from Islam Group after the death of its Chairman Jahurul Islam (entrepreneur) which was then the largest business group in Bangladesh. Navana Group comprises a number of companies, has diversified its activities in various areas like product and project marketing, construction and real estate business, international trading, distributions and production of various items and already attained significance in the business arena of Bangladesh.[1]

List of companies[edit]

The companies of Navana Group are listed below:[2]

Navana Limited[edit]

Navana limited is the only agent of toyota in Bangladesh.[8]

Aftab Automobiles Ltd[edit]

Aftab Automobiles Ltd, a sister concern of Navana Group mainly a vehicle assembling and small parts manufacturing company. The company has been assembling Toyota & HINO vehicles for Bangladesh market since 1982, recently launched HINO -Mini bus.[9]

Navana CNG Limited[edit]

Navana CNG Limited,[10] a sister concern of Navana Group, is the leading CNG service provider of Bangladesh. Navana CNG Limited is the sole distributor of the CNG and LPG conversion kit manufacturer Landi Renzos P.A., Italy. Navana CNG Limited solely represents the manufacturer of CNG Refueling Station Technology Safes.r.l., Italy. For Three Wheeler conversion, Navana CNG Limited is the sole distributor of Vanaz Engineers, India. It has also collaboration with Omnitek, USA, Altenergy, India and Argenchip, Argentina for diesel vehicle conversion to CNG.

Navana Real Estate Ltd[edit]

Navana Real Estate Ltd. (NREL) was formed in late 1996 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Shafiul Islam Kamal to exploit the boom in Real Estate Development in Bangladesh. NREL has been working on apartments, commercial and land projects.It's also multinational company.

Navana Textiles Ltd[edit]

Navana Textiles Ltd. (Sweater Unit) is a 100% export oriented sweater factory situated at its own premises at Kalma, Saver, Dhaka.

Navana Engineering Limited[edit]

Navana Engineering Ltd. (NEL) is one of the most advanced manufacturing Plastic business in Bangladesh. NEL is specialized in manufacturing of plastic products like High density Polyethylene (HDPE), unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), Polypropylene Random (PPR) tailor-made to the industry requirement. NEL is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to produce various types of pipes and ducts of International standards

Navana Petroleum Limited[edit]

Navana Petroleum Limited. (NPL) has inaugurated its operation on April 6, 2006 in Radisson Water Garden as the marketing company of Caltex brand in Bangladesh.

Caltex, a member of the world-renowned Chevron Corporation, was created in 1936 as joint venture between Chevron Corporation and Texaco Inc. Caltex operates with more than 7800 retail outlets, including 4500 branded Caltex stations and 700 Star Mart, across 60 countries. The Caltex commercial business unit offers not only fuels to its customers, but also provide management and control in dispensing fuel to vehicles, as well as inventory reconciliation.

Navana Batteries Limited[edit]

Navana Batteries Limited, a concern of Navana Group of Bangladesh, has been operating since 2002. Initially it started its journey as an individual unit under Aftab Automobile Ltd (Battery Unit), which was separated from Islam Group in the year 1996. However, considering the market growth rate and future business potentials, a new company resumed in place of Aftab Automobile Ltd (Battery Unit) in the year 2010, named Navana batteries Ltd.

Our production facility is based on Chittagong, Bangladesh. At Navana batteries Ltd, we go beyond compliance with local environmental laws and regulations. For instance ETP (Effluent Treatment plant) project is placed in our factory to prevent hazardous waste from reaching surroundings.

We offer Reliable, Long Lasting and effective battery based power solutions to meet your automotive and industrial needs. Our products are also used for stand-by applications such as Instant Power Supply (IPS), UPS, Communication equipments, etc. We also produce Solar Energy System Batteries to support different Social Development Organizations and NGOs as a Social Commitment; in partnership with Bangladesh Government.

Our products are “Proudly Manufactured in Bangladesh” using modern technology and pure imported raw materials. Since Navana Batteries Ltd understand the intricate details for battery based power solution of the 21st century; therefore we are capable of providing our valued customers with the Right Product, Uncompromising Services and Personal attention they deserve.

To deliver the right product to our customers, we combine traditional wisdom with modern technology and advanced engineering. To maintain and enhance product quality, our experienced technicians and industry experts from Taiwan are constantly striving in our Battery Laboratory to bring the right quality product that our customers deserve. Because of our product quality strength, we can proudly claim that Navana Batteries have “Never-ending Breath”.


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