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Navapolack Montage (2017).jpg
Flag of Novopolotsk
Coat of arms of Novopolotsk
Coat of arms
Novopolotsk is located in Belarus
Coordinates: 55°32′N 28°39′E / 55.533°N 28.650°E / 55.533; 28.650
VoblastVitebsk Region
RaionPolotsk District
 • City48.49 km2 (18.72 sq mi)
133 m (436 ft)
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
Area code(s)+375 213
Vehicle registration2

Novopolotsk (Belarusian: Наваполацк [n̪äväˈpɔɫ̪ät̻͡s̪k], Navapołack (Łacinka); Russian: Новополоцк [n̪əvɐˈpo̞ɫ̪ət̻͡s̪k], Novopolotsk, lit. New Polotsk) is a city in Vitebsk Oblast, Belarus, with a population (2008 estimate) of 107,458. Founded in 1958,[2] it is located close to the city of Polotsk and the name literally means "New Polotsk".


Novopolotsk, 47 Maladziozhnaya str.
Winter in Novopolotsk. Catholic church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.

The history of Novopolotsk dates back to the year of 1958, when a large number of enthusiasts, workers and builders, seeking new experiences and romantic feelings came here to establish a new town.[citation needed] There was reason for that: a big oil refinery plant was to be set up. When new factories were being built, they were placed far enough away from Polotsk so that the radiation and dangerous gases would not reach the city.[citation needed] However, it was later decided that it would be acceptable to build a few buildings closer to the factories for the workers to live in.[citation needed] With them came a hospital, a fire station, and a school. A few more buildings were built and the city of Novopolotsk was born.

The city now has 12 secondary schools and 2 gymnasiums, many kindergartens and the two subsidiary of Polotsk State University.


Out of all the cities in the Vitebsk Oblast, Novopolotsk is the leading producer in the refining and chemical industry business. The entire city of Novopolotsk and Polotsk live and survive because of this industry.

OJSC "Naftan"[edit]

Naftan is the leading oil refinery. It was constructed in 1959. This refinery takes crude oil from the Volga Region of Russia and generates diesel, gasoline, and kerosine, along with other technological products. In addition to Naftan, Belarus built a large chemical plant, called "Polymir". This plant produces plastic and polyethylene. There are multiple products that could be produced from polyethylene, for example artificial fur.


Novopolotsk is not very big in the tourism business. However, there are six hotels in the city available for tourists.


Novopolotsk has produced several players for Belarus national bandy team.[3] Daniil Garnitsky[4] is President of the Belarusian Bandy Federation.[5] Khimik-SKA Novopolotsk of the Belarusian Extraleague is the local pro hockey team.


There are several culture centres, music schools, of which the Novopolotsk State Musical College[6] –, art schools, and libraries in the city. There is also a museum of history and culture of Novopolotsk. The city of Novopolotsk has an a cappella music group, which won an international award.

Twin towns – sister cities[edit]

Novopolotsk is twinned with:[7]

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Coordinates: 55°32′N 28°39′E / 55.533°N 28.650°E / 55.533; 28.650