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The entrance to the Navarangahala
The entrance to the Navarangahala
General information
Type National Theater
Architectural style Tropical modernism
Address Royal College Colombo
Rajakeeya Mawatha
Country Sri Lanka
Construction started 19661
Completed 19691
Client Government of Ceylon
Owner Royal College Colombo
Design and construction
Main contractor 4 Field Engineer Regiment, SLE
1 - 4 Engineer Regiment (v)

The Navarangahala ("New Theater"), in Colombo, is one of the main national theatres of Sri Lanka.


Built between 1966 and 1969 by the 4 Field Engineer Regiment, SLE as the Royal Primary School Hall, it was specially designed for local drama and music which required open air type auditorium in accordance to Natya Shastra. Funding came from the government and well wishers. Until it was built there were no purpose-built indoor theatres for the local arts, apart from the few open air amphitheatres. With the amalgamation of Royal Preparatory School with Royal College in December 1977 Navarangahala became part of Royal College.

Notable events[edit]

On the May 22, 1972 the House of Representatives of Ceylon met at the Navarangahala to finalize and approve the Republic Constitution, which proclaimed establishment of the Republic of Sri Lanka.