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Navarik Corp. is a software service provider to the petroleum supply and trading industry. The Navarik Platform is a product that standardizes and processes trading and supply operational information. Some of the world’s largest oil producers, refiners and shipping companies are using the platform.[citation needed]

Over the last decade, Navarik has provided software for cargo inspection, vessel vetting, claims, demurrage, and agency management for companies including: BP, Chevron, Valero Energy Corporation, Tesoro, Shell, Venezuelan Ministry of Energy and Petroleum (MENPET), Petro-Canada, and Teekay Shipping.[citation needed]

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The company's name derives from Naravik (a.k.a. Sedna), the Inuit goddess of the sea. Pronunciation: NAV-ah-rick (accent on first syllable, like "maverick")[citation needed]

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