Navistar 7000 series

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Navistar 7000 series
7000-MV SVSM.jpg
A parked 7000-MV 412 ton cargo truck
Type Medium Truck
Place of origin United States United States
Service history
In service 2005–Present
Used by Canadian Army
Afghan National Army
Afghan National Police
Iraqi Ministry of Defence
Production history
Designer Navistar
Manufacturer Navistar
Length 31.5 ft (9.6 m)[1]
Width 95.2 in (2.42 m)[1]
Height 10.33 ft (3.15 m)[1]
Crew 3

Engine International DT 530 (varies by configuration and national requirements)
270 to 330 hp
400 mi (640 km)-500 mi (800 km)

The Navistar 7000 series is a line of military heavy lift vehicles based on Navistar International's WorkStar truck chassis, and produced by Navistar Defense. The truck is available in a variety of wheel (4×2, 4×4, 6×4, and 6×6) and engine configurations.[2]

In 2005, the US Army ordered 2900 7,000-MV for the Afghan National Army and Iraqi Ministry of Defense and an additional order of 7,000 was added in 2008.[2]

The Canadian Forces Canadian Army had adopted the Navistar Defence LLC Medium Logistics truck. The vehicle fulfills the MSVS MilCOTS (Militarized Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) requirement. As of mid-July 2015, the MSVS SMP (Standard Military Pattern) vehicle has been chosen.[3] Starting in June 2010, 1,300 Navistar units will be replacing part of the MLVW fleet.[4] The civilian designation of the 7000-MV is Navistar 7400 SFA 6×6.

In July 2012, the order for 1500 MSVS SMP trucks was cancelled and being re-evaluated.[5] In July 2015, Canada awarded the SMP contract to Mack Trucks instead.[6] Mack will begin deliver of Kerax-series trucks in 2017 and complete by 2018.[7]



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