Navoi (crater)

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Navoi crater, with an enhanced colour version highlighting its reddish colouration.
Planet Mercury
Coordinates 59°00′N 200°00′W / 59.0°N 200.0°W / 59.0; -200.0Coordinates: 59°00′N 200°00′W / 59.0°N 200.0°W / 59.0; -200.0
Diameter 66 km
Eponym Ali-Shir Nava'i

Navoi is a crater on Mercury. It contains uncommon reddish material that indicates a different rock composition from its surroundings. Navoi also appears to have an irregularly shaped depression in its center. Such depressions have been seen elsewhere on Mercury, including within Praxiteles crater, and may indicate past volcanic activity.[1]


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