Navotas local elections, 2010

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Navotas mayoral elections, 2010
← 2007 May 10, 2010 2013 →
Nominee John Reynold Tiangco
Party Navoteño
Running mate Patrick Joseph Javier
Popular vote 76,158
Percentage 100.00

Mayor before election

Tobias Reynald Tiangco

Elected Mayor

John Reynold Tiangco

Local elections was held in the city of Navotas City on May 10, 2010 within the Philippine general election. The brother (John Rey Tiangco) of the incumbent-mayor, Toby Tiangco was elected to the city mayoralty. Partido Navoteño won a majority of won seats.

Mayoral and vice mayoral election[edit]

Incumbents mayor Tobias Reynald Tiangco and vice mayor Patrick Joseph Javier is now on their third term as mayor and second term as vice mayor of Navotas City, respectively. Toby's brother, John Rey, announced that he is running for the mayorship of the city. They are running under the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino although Javier was endorsed by the Liberal Party. If Javier wins, he will be on his third and last term. Mayor Tiangco is running for a congressional post in the Lone District. If he wins, he will be the first to represent the city in the House of Representatives. The Tiangco brothers and Javier will run unopposed.[1]

Partido Navotenio[edit]

  • A Business Man John Rey Tiangco (mayor)
  • Vice Mayor Patrick Joseph Javier (re-electionist for third term, vice mayor)
  • Mayor Toby Tiangco (congressman)
  • Former Barangay Captain Ernani "Nani" Calayag (re-electionist for second term, councilor, District I)
  • A Frabelle Worker Domingo "Domeng" Elape (re-electionist for third term, councilor, District I)
  • Barangay Kagawad Edgardo "Eddie Tarok" Manio (re-electionist for second term, councilor, District I)
  • Former Barangay Captain Bernardo "Bernie" Nazal (councilor, District I)
  • SK Chairman Richard San Juan (councilor, District I)
  • Barangay Captain Alfredo "Boy" Vicencio (councilor, District I)
  • Enchong Araga (councilor, District II)
  • Councilor Clint Geronimo (re-electionist for third term, councilor, District II)
  • Councilor Ricky Gino Gino (re-electionist for second term, councilor, District II)
  • Councilor Analiza "Liz" Lupisan (re-electionis for third term, councilor, District II)
  • Councilor Marielle Del Rosario (councilor, District II)
  • Cesario "Cesar" Santos (councilor, District II)


  • Reynaldo "Doc Rey" Monroy (councilor, District I)
  • Jose Norman "Jojo" Magpoc (councilor, District I)
  • Editha "Edith" Santos (councilor, District I)
  • Enrico "Rico" Miralles (councilor, District I)
  • Avelino "Jun" Nacar Jr. (councilor, District I)
  • Maria Elsa Bautista (councilor, District II)
  • Ronaldo "Steve" Naval (councilor, District II)


The candidates for mayor and vice mayor with the highest amount of votes wins the seat; they are voted separately, therefore, they may be of different parties when elected.All candidates with party affiliation are supported by Partido Navoteño, the only local party in the city.

Mayoral election results[edit]

Navotas mayoral election
Party Candidate Votes %
Navoteño Tiangco, John Reynold M. "John Rey" 76,158 100.00
Valid ballots 76,158 84.03
Invalid or blank votes 14,472 15.97
Total votes 90,630 100.00
Navoteño hold

Vice Mayoral election results[edit]

Navotas vice mayoral election
Party Candidate Votes %
Navoteño Javier, Patrick Joseph A. "PJ"[A] 73,576 100.00
Valid ballots 73,576 81.18
Invalid or blank votes 17,054 18.82
Total votes 90,630 100.00
Navoteño hold

Congressional election results[edit]

Philippine House of Representatives election at Navotas
Party Candidate Votes %
Navoteño Tiangco, Tobias Reynald M. "Toby" 76,276 100.0
Valid ballots 76,276 84.16
Invalid or blank votes 14,354 15.84
Total votes 90,630 100.00
Navoteño win (new seat)

City Council elections[edit]

Each of Navotas City's two legislative districts elects six councilors to the City Council. The six candidates with the highest amount of votes wins the seats per district. Some who are running are the same names from 2007.

Party Total votes Total seats
Total  % Total  %
Navoteño 300,363 70.8% 9[B] 64.3%
Independents 124,088 29.2% 3 21.4%
Total valid votes cast 424,451 N/A
Total turnout 83,379 100.00%
Total partisan seats 12 85.7%
Seat for Association of Barangay Captains President 1 7.1%
Seat for Association of Sangguniang Kabataan chairmen President 1 7.1%
Total non-partisan seats 2 14.3%
Total seats 12 100.0%

District 1[edit]

City Council election at Navotas' 1st district
Party Candidate Votes %
Navoteño ELAPE, Domingo L. "Domeng" 30,343 13.66
Navoteño SAN JUAN, Richard S. 26,105 11.75
Navoteño VICENCIO, Alfredo R. "Boy" 25,687 11.56
Navoteño MANIO, Edgardo D.C. "Eddie Tarok" 25,270 11.38
Independent MONROY, Reynaldo A. "Doc Rey" 22,387 10.08
Navoteño NAZAL, Bernardo S. "Bernie" 21,414 10.01
Navoteño CALAYAG, Ernani B. "Nani" 21,306 9.59
Independent MAGPOC, Jose Norman L. "Jojo" 16,354 7.36
Independent MIRALLES, Recelle D. "Bong" 11,187 5.04
Independent SANTOS, Edita G. "Edith" 7,528 3.39
Independent NACAR, Avelino Jr. A. "Jun" 6,938 3.12
Independent BALASA, Ricardo V. "Ric" 6,805 3.06
Total votes 46,414 100.00

District 2[edit]

City Council election at Navotas' 2nd district
Party Candidate Votes %
Navoteño GERONINO, Clint Nicolas B. [C] 30,342 15.00
Independent BAUTISTA, Maria Elsa L. "Elsa" 27,416 13.55
Navoteño DEL ROSARIO, Maria Lourdes S. "Marielle" 27,177 13.43
Navoteño GINO-GINO, Enrico P. "Ricky" 26,952 13.32
Navoteño LUPISAN, Analiza D. "Liz" 25,912 12.81
Independent NAVAL, Ronaldo D. "Steve" 25,473 12.59
Navoteño SANTOS, Cesario P. "Cesar" 21,335 10.55
Navoteño ARAGA, Florencio M. "Enchong" 17,706 8.75
Total votes 44,216 100.00



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