Navy One

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Navy One
Navy One.jpg
Navy One landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln with President George W. Bush
Type S-3 Viking
Manufacturer Lockheed
Serial BuNo 159387
Preserved at National Naval Aviation Museum
S-3B Viking "Navy One" at the National Naval Aviation Museum.

Navy One is the call sign of any United States Navy aircraft carrying the President of the United States.[1]

There has only been one aircraft designated as Navy One: a Lockheed S-3 Viking, BuNo 159387, assigned to the "Blue Wolves" of VS-35, which transported President George W. Bush to the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln off the coast of San Diego, California on May 1, 2003. The pilot was Commander Skip Lussier, then VS-35's executive officer; and the flight officer was Lieutenant Ryan Phillips.[2] The S-3 utilized for the flight was retired from service and placed on display at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida on July 17, 2003.[3][4][3]

A Navy aircraft carrying the Vice President would be designated Navy Two.

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