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Naval recruiters talking to prospective recruits in Detroit during the 2007 Navy Week.

Navy Weeks are designed to educate Americans on the importance of Naval service, understand the investment they make in their Navy and to increase awareness in cities which might not otherwise see the Navy at work on a regular basis.


Navy Weeks are organized around an "anchor event" or large community event such as a state fair or a public holiday celebration. By planning Navy Weeks around or in conjunction with these larger public events, Navy Week participants are able to increase the awareness of a larger number of people from diverse geographic areas in regions all across the United States.

About 20 Navy Weeks are led by the Navy Office of Community Outreach (NAVCO) each year. Cities and towns are selected based on a wide range of criteria with careful consideration given to aspects such as anchor events, Blue Angels air shows, asset availability, city size, demographic make-up, geographic region, relationship building, relationship sustainment and new outreach opportunities.

A typical Navy Week has two main elements:

  • A regional Navy Band's Top-40 rock group or Jazz ensemble will perform in the selected city at multiple locations.
  • A Navy Admiral or Flag Officer will speak to civic and educational organizations at various public speaking engagements in the area. Admirals from commands throughout the world volunteer to participate and in many cases he or she has a tie to the community, e.g., he or she attended high school in the area. The typical speaking venues are rotary club meetings, colleges, TV and news radio shows and other non-profit groups such as Lions Clubs and Project Hope. Speaking topics include:
  1. Our Maritime Strategy and the purpose of our Naval forces.
  2. Effectively using the Navy's budget.
  3. Information on what events are planned for the Navy Week.

Participating in any given Navy Week along with the Flag officer and Navy Band are active-duty and reserve Navy Public Affairs Officers, local civic organizations, as well as local sailors and recruiters from the regional Navy Recruiting District (NRD). In addition, crew members from a namesake ship will participate in the Navy Week (e.g., sailors from the USS Cleveland visit the city of Cleveland during Cleveland Navy Week).

2011 Navy Weeks Schedule[edit]

City Event Dates
Tampa Bay, FL Gasparilla Pirate Festival Jan. 22 - 29
Austin, TX Rodeo Austin Mar. 19 - 26
Mississippi Thunder Over the Bay/Meridian Air Show Mar. 19 - 27
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Fort Worth Air Power Expo Apr. 10 - 17
Denver, CO Cinco de Mayo May 2–8
New Orleans, LA N'awlin Air Show May 5–13
Philadelphia, PA Milville AAF Wings and Wheels Air Show May 23–29
Chattanooga, TN Riverbend Festival June 11–19
Quad Cities Quad Cities Air Show June 16–22
Chicago, IL Taste of Chicago/Naval Station Great Lakes Centennial June 25 - July 4
Rochester, NY ESL International Air Show July 11–17
Detroit, MI Thunder Over Michigan Air Show July 18–24
Los Angeles, CA Summer X Games July 25–31
Fargo, ND Fargo Air Show Aug. 8 - 14
Indianapolis, IN Indiana State Fair Aug. 13 - 22
Cincinnati, OH Riverfest Aug. 29 - Sept. 5
Omaha, NE Guardians of Freedom Air Show Sept. 6 - 11
New England The Big E/New England Fair Sept. 24 - Oct. 2
Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque International Balloon Festival Oct. 1 - 9
El Paso, TX Amigo Air Show Oct. 17 - 23
San Antonio, TX Randolph Air Force Base Air Show Oct. 24 - 30

Navy Weeks history[edit]

Below are the cities and dates of all prior Navy Weeks from 2005 to 2010. (Lists are in chronological order according to the day started)

2005 2006 2007 2008
City Dates City Dates City Dates City Dates
Houston, TX Feb. 23 - Mar. 4 Tampa, FL Jan. 22-28 Tampa, FL Jan. 20-27 Tampa, FL Jan. 19-26
Phoenix–Tucson, AZ Mar. 14-20 Charlotte, NC Mar. 1-4 Galveston, TX Feb. 14-20 Sacramento, CA Mar. 9-16
Dallas, TX Mar. 28 - Apr. 4 Phoenix–Tucson, AZ Mar. 13-17 Atlanta, GA Mar. 12-18 Nashville, TN Apr. 6-13
Baltimore, MD Apr. 25 - May 1 Louisville, KY Apr. 17-23 Phoenix–Tucson, AZ Mar. 14-23 Denver, CO May 3–10
Denver, CO May 7–13 Atlanta, GA Apr. 26-30 Louisville, KY Apr. 16-22 Oklahoma City, OK June 6–15
Atlanta, GA May 23–29 Denver, CO May 5–12 Denver, CO Apr. 30 - May 6 Los Angeles, CA July 1–7
Portland, OR June 2–12 Dallas, TX May 8–14 Omaha, NE Apr. 30 - May 6 Boston, MA July 3–7
Boston, MA June 10–18 Chicago, IL May 15–20 Philadelphia, PA May 13–19 Roanoke, VA July 6–13
Pittsburgh, PA June 29 - July 5 Charlotte, NC May 22–27 Charlotte, NC May 16–26 Duluth, MN July 13–20
Milwaukee, WI July 8–17 Little Rock, AR May 22–29 Little Rock, AR May 21–27 Wilmington, DE July 17–26
Detroit, MI July 12–24 Nashville, TN June 5–11 Chicago, IL May 30 - June 10 Spokane, WA Aug. 3-10
Las Vegas, NV July 25–29 Boston, MA June 8–17 Oklahoma City, OK June 2–10 Chicago, IL Aug. 10-17
Chicago, IL Aug. 15-23 San Francisco, FL June 19–24 Chattanooga, TN June 9–17 Buffalo, NY Aug. 24-31
Oklahoma City, OK Sept. 15-25 Pittsburgh, PA July 1–9 Boston, MA June 20 - July 4 Cleveland, OH Aug. 24 - Sept. 1
Memphis, TN Sept. 24 - Oct. 3 Detroit, MI July 9–16 Detroit, MI June 27 - July 15 Albuquerque, NM Sept. 10-17
Minneapolis, MN Sept. 26 - Oct. 2 Twin Cities, MN July 14–23 Indianapolis, IN Aug. 20-26 Columbia, SC Sept. 22-28
San Francisco, CA Oct. 5-11 Cheyenne, WY July 21–30 Cincinnati, OH Aug. 27 - Sept. 3 San Antonio, TX Nov. 2-9
San Antonio, TX Nov. 3-12 Indianapolis, IN Aug. 4-13 St. Louis, MS Aug. 29 - Sept. 7 Orlando, FL Nov. 2-13
Cleveland, OH Aug. 28 - Sept. 3 Salt Lake City, UT Sept. 6-16
Salt Lake City, UT Sept. 11-17 Memphis, TN Sept. 17-23
Omaha, NE Sept. 18-24 Dallas, TX Oct. 1-7
Memphis, TN Sept. 25-30 Raleigh, NC Oct. 14-21
Philadelphia, PA Oct. 7-14 Twin Cities, MN Oct. 14-21
Houston, TX Oct. 9-15 San Antonio, TX Nov. 4-10
Little Rock, AK Oct. 30 - Nov. 5
San Antonio, TX Nov. 1-11
2009 2010
City Dates City Dates
Phoenix, AZ Mar. 4-14 Tampa, FL Mar. 13 - 21
St. Louis, MO Apr. 18-26 Phoenix, AZ Apr. 22 - 29
Des Moines, IA Apr. 20-26 Charleston, SC Apr. 12 - 18
Denver, CO May 4–10 San Antonio, TX Apr. 14 - 24
Spokane, WA May 11–18 Des Moines, IA Apr. 19 - 24
Rock County, WI May 24–31 Kansas City, KS Apr. 24 - May 12
Rochester, NY May 25–31 Birmingham, AL May 2–9
Chattanooga, TN June 5–13 Spokane, WA May 10–15
Oklahoma City, OK June 12–20 Little Rock, AR May 24–30
Quad Cities, IA June 18–24 Milwaukee, WI June 7–13
Boston, MA June 30 - July 6 Boston, MA June 29 - July 5
Salinas, CA Aug. 2-9 Twin Cities, MN July 17–25
Omaha, NE Aug. 24-30 Chicago, IL Aug. 7 - 15
Knoxville, TN Sept. 1-7 Boise, ID Aug. 20 - 29
Central Ohio Aug. 31 - Sept. 5 Baltimore, MD Aug. 28 - Sept. 6
York, PA Sept. 11-20 Cleveland, OH Aug. 30 - Sept. 6
Reno, NV Sept. 14-20 St. Louis, MO Sept. 2 - 12
Albuquerque, NM Oct. 3-11 Salt Lake City, UT Sept. 9 - 19
Greenville, SC Oct. 5-11 Atlanta, GA Oct. 11 - 17
Houston, TX Oct. 24 - Nov. 1
New Orleans, LA Nov. 4-9

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