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Nawab Kumhar Inayat Kotia is a Punjabi singer from Kot Inayat Khan, Wazirabad Tehsil, Gujranwala District, Punjab, Pakistan.[1] is the name of Punjabi Prajapati/Kumhar singer who has written /directed and sung a number of Punjabi songs. Nawab Kumhar was taught the art of ballad singing by Allah Ditta Warriach a Jat clan from a neighbouring village. Pakistan Punjab and become favourite singer of many at the age of 20 in Lahore Radio in 1933. His major contributions to Punjabi culture are Mirza Sahiban:[2] His sons Sarja and Mirza used to sing while his son Buta used to play jorri(alghoza). The prominent jorri player with them was janna. Baba Nawabs legacy lived on as his grandson(Sarjas son used to play the tumba and sing) but love for singing was carried on by his student and son-in-law Janna(not the jorri Player). Later Jannas sons carried on folk singing like Ballads and mahiyas. They are known as Rafiq kumhar, Latif Kumhar and Haneef kumhar Teddy. Haneef become very famous by singing Chaudhary Mairaj din Dogars songs such as Ghund chuk chuk vaikhan nawee viyahi da. Baba Nawab Kumhars prominet and famous student was late Alam Lohar.

  • Puran bhagat(1933) Vol-1 &2 {Re produced in Wasta Hai Rabb Da |year:2000}[3]
  • Sohni da Husan(1961)
  • Jung Jaimal Fatta(1960)
  • Dhol Shehzada Sammi(1974)[4]
  • Veer Jodh
  • Mirza Sahiban
  • Heer
  • Jujugni
  • Jattan nay laani Munji


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