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The Nawab of Dhaka was the title of the head of the Dhaka Nawab Estate, the largest and richest Muslim zamindari in Bengal. The first Nawab of Dhaka was Khwaja Alimullah who had been installed by the British Raj as head of the estate, which covered modern day Dhaka city and several of its surrounding districts.

In 1952 the East Pakistan Estate Acquisition Act relinquished the title of Nawab. Khwaja Habibullah Khan Bahadur was the last reigning Nawab of Dhaka.

List of the Nawabs of Dhaka[edit]

  1. Nawab Khwaja Alimullah
  2. Nawab Sir Khwaja Abdul Ghani Mian Bahadur KCSI
  3. Nawab Sir Khwaja Ahsanullah Bahadur KCIE
  4. Nawab Sir Khwaja Salimullah Bahadur GCSI
  5. Nawab Khwaja Habibullah Khan Bahadur

List of the titular Nawabs of Dhaka[edit]

  1. Nawab Khwaja Habibullah Khan Bahadur
  2. Nawab Khwaja Hassan Askari Bahadur
  3. Nawab Khwaja Habibullah Askari Bahadur
  4. Nawab Khwaja Ali Hasan Askari (Nawab of Dhaka) son of the Nawabzada Khwaja Amanullah Askari And Mother Ishrat Aurangzeb,

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