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Nawalapitiya is located in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 7°03′N 80°32′E / 7.050°N 80.533°E / 7.050; 80.533
Country Sri Lanka
Province Central Province
 • Type Urban Council
 • Chairman W.R.A Nishantha Kumara Ranasinghe
 • Vice Chairman U.H Harshana Dulanga
 • Land 262 km2 (101 sq mi)
Population (2001)
 • Total 13,751
Time zone Sri Lanka Standard Time Zone (UTC+5:30)
 • Summer (DST) Summer time (UTC+6)

Nawalapitiya (Sinhalese: නාවලපිටිය, Tamil: நாவலபிட்டி) is a town in Central Province, Sri Lanka. It is in the Kandy District, governed by an Urban Council. It is 38 km (24 mi) away from Kandy and 112 km (70 mi) from Colombo. It is located 589 m (1,932 ft) above sea level. The town is near Mahaweli Ganga. Nawalapitiya can also be identified as "Peace Town", because the population of Sinhala (47%), Tamil (38%), and Muslims (14%) peacefully co-exist there.

The Indian actor and politician M. G. Ramachandran was born in Nawalapitiya.

Nawalapitiya holds a special place in locomotive transportation in Sri Lanka since it is one of the railway's three transport division headquarters. Nawalapitiya Railway station is the second longest station in Sri Lanka, the first one being Rambukkana.


Economy and Infrastructure[edit]

The town's economy depends mainly upon tea cultivation.

Tea cultivation[edit]

The following Estates cultivating tea are in the vicinity of Nawalapitiya.[1]

  • Kenilworth Group (includes Strathellie, Gneiss Rock, Black Stone and Kenilworth Estates)
  • Westmoreland
  • Mount Jean
  • Barnagala (amalgamated with Craighead Estate)
  • Craighead (includes Upper & Lower Somerset Estates)
  • Dotel Oya Group (includes Alikedeniya & Mooroottie Estates)
  • Ingurugala
  • Kelle Group
  • Malgolla
  • Meddegoda
  • Monte Cristo (includes Upper, Galbodde, New Clearing and Cholankanda Estates)
  • Nagastenne Group
  • Oonankande
  • Paragalla
  • Pennyland
  • Upper Raxawa
  • Barcaple
  • Goorookoya Group
  • Greenwood
  • Imbulpitiya
  • Kataboola
  • Kolapathana
  • Oonoogaloya
  • Queensberry
  • Ravenscraigh
  • Donside
  • Westhall
  • Kandaloya
Natural beauty of the area

Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe from Dilmah's Kataboola Estate in the Nawalapitiya Region offers clean, black leaf, with some silvery tip. The infused leaf is clean and open, with a coppery tone indicative of a bright cup. The liquor shows character and depth, with some strength, but generally mellow for a very pleasing and bright tea. The liquor displays an orange brown hue in the style of an elegant Ceylon Tea. Tasting notes - Tightly rolled tea leaf that is matt brown-black in color with the occasional show of tip. The infused leaf is bright brown/burnt sienna in colour. Liquor color is mahogany with a greenish tinge. A fine tea with an aroma of light hay on the nose and a hint of pistachios and almonds in the taste. A fortifying tea with body and soul.


The Nawalapitiya Railway Station, built in 1874, is an important access point to this town. It is located next to the main bus stand, in the centre of the town. The station is on the Main Line (Colombo-Badulla) railway line.

From Colombo there are two main trains direct to Nawalapitiya - The Podi Menike Express (5.55 AM) and the Udarata Menike Express Train (8.30 AM). Another express train at 9.45 AM. In evening 12.40 PM and 8.00 PM(Night mail). A transit from Peradeniya Junction is needed from other trains to reach the town.


There are two main roads to Nawalapitiya, the first is via the Colombo - Kandy road, which passes through Peradeniya and Gampola, and the second is via the Colombo - Hatton road, which passes through Awissawella, Yatiyanthota and Ginigathhena.


From the Pettah Bus stand there are a few direct buses to Nawalapitiya. Some buses travel via Peradeniya (Kandy) (Route no.16) and others via Avissawella road through Ginigathena (Route Nº 78). Direct buses to Nawalapitiya from Colombo are infrequent. Another option is to travel via Kandy. One can get a bus to Kandy from Pettah very easily. From Kandy one has to get the bus No. 725 to Nawalapitiya (1 hour ride). Frequent bus services are available from Kandy to Nawalapitiya.

Main Gampola Road

Cities and towns nearby[edit]

Towns and small towns[edit]

  • Ulapane, Thabiligala, Pallegama, Patthunupitiya, Gondennawa
  • Hapugasthalawa, Meepitiya, Pallegama, Waligampola
  • Balanthota, Katukithula, Inguruoya, Gorakaoya, Samagipura, Donside, Pahala Gorakaoya,selambridge


  • Anurudhdha Kumara National College
  • St.Andrews Girls College
  • Kathiresan College
  • Leeds International School
  • St. Mary's College
  • CP/Kot/ Harangala Maha Vidyalaya
  • CP/Kot/ Sirisaman Maha Vidyalaya,Gorakaoya
  • CP/Kot/ Nanoda Primary School, Pahala Gorakaoya
  • CP/Selambridge Muslim vidiyalaya.
  • Nawalapitiya Oxford International School (English Medium only)
  • Nawalapitiya Central college, Bawwagama
  • Kanishta Balika Vidyalaya.


Buddhist temples[edit]

  • Jethawanaramaya, Nawalapitiya (Sinhalese: ජේතවනාරාමය, නාවලපිටිය)
  • Weluwanaramaya, Nawalapitiya (Sinhalese: වේළුවනාරාමය, නාවලපිටිය)
  • Poorwaramaya, Nawalapitiya (Sinhalese: පූර්වාරාමය, නාවලපිටිය)

Mahaweli River[edit]

The Mahaweli Ganga (Sinhalese: මහවැලි ගඟ) is the longest river in Sri Lanka. It is 335 km (208 mi) long. Its drainage basin is the largest in Sri Lanka, and covers almost one-fifth of the total area of the island. The river is heavily dammed in order to produce hydroelectricity and water for irrigation. This river crosses Nawalapitiya


  • Kataboola or Kadiyanlena Ella (water fall) (Sinhalese: කැටබූල ඇල්ල) is located near Kadiyanlena, within the Kataboola Estate, by the side of the Nawalapitiya-Talawakele road (B-117). The bridge is between the 11th and 12th kilometre posts (or close to the 7th mile post) and is built over the 'Korawakka Oya', which becomes, further downstream, the 'Goorook Oya'. The full Kataboola cascade consists of three levels. The first segment flows in a single stream and falls over a height of 8 m (26 ft). The water then flows a wide rock to a second pool, this constitutes the second segment. Finally the water flows under an arched bridge which forms the final segment of the fall. The complete waterfall with all three segments is approximately 25 m (82 ft) in height.
  • Galaboda water fall, is located in between Nawalapitiya and Watawala. It is approximately 30 m (98 ft) in height. There is also a natural spring located near the head of the waterfall, during colonial times it was used to supply potable water to the Governor's residence at Colombo.