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Jebel Ruwaik nawamis, Yemen

Nawamis are circular stone tombs located in the Sinai desert. The bones found in the tombs date from 4000–3150 BCE.[1]

Nawamis are constructed of sandstone, about 2–2.5 m (6.6–8.2 ft) high and 3–6 m (9.8–19.7 ft) in diameter, and have openings facing West.[2]

Some authorities believe that the stone structures are younger than the remains found therein.[3]


There are two spots with Nawamis on the road from Dahab to St. Catherine:

  • Hdhabat Chajaj Nawamis (usually pictured), coordinates: 088750E, 808520N
  • Al trefiya Nawamis (only ruins survive).


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