Nawanagar, Bihar

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Nawanagar is located in Bihar
Nawanagar is located in India
Location in Bihar, India
Coordinates: 25°23′10″N 84°12′25″E / 25.38611°N 84.20694°E / 25.38611; 84.20694Coordinates: 25°23′10″N 84°12′25″E / 25.38611°N 84.20694°E / 25.38611; 84.20694
State Bihar
District Buxar district[1]
 • Official Bhojpuri
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Nearest city Dumraon
Literacy 61%
Lok Sabha constituency Buxar
Mukhiya (Village head) Sudarshan Prasad Gupta

Nawanagar is a village situated in the Buxar district of Bihar, India,[2][3] and one of the developing settlements of the district. It is one of several minor villages governed and administered by the Nawanagar panchayat. The village has the only chauki (police station) among other nearby villages. Nawangar is one of the seven tehsil (blocks) making up the Dumraon sub-division.[3]


The village is situated in the lower part of Bihar.[3] Most of the area is agricultural land with rice as the main crop. Due to variations in annual rainfall, local farmers cannot depend on seasonal rain for irrigation and have instead constructed lined and unlined perennial wells for irrigation. A perennial canal has also been constructed by local governing bodies but the water supply is still insufficient for the farmers due to improper administration.[citation needed]

A seasonal tributary of the River Ganga passes through the village, which is inaccessible during the summer. The river is the nearest (45 kilometres (28 mi)) navigable inland waterway for mass transportation towards Kolkata in the east as well as parts of Uttar Pradesh.


Nawanagar has good road communications due to development efforts by the government. A state highway passes through the village connecting Sasaram and Buxar via Vikramganj and Maliyabagh. A national highway also passes through the outskirts.

Railway station in a nearby city

To reduce the load on local roads, Indian Railways has proposed a new railway communication between Mohaniya and Ara.[when?] At present the nearest railway station is at Dumraon, about 18 kilometres (11 mi) from the village, which lies about 30 kilometres (19 mi) from Buxar and 120 kilometres (75 mi) from the capital city, Patna.

People and civil affairs[edit]

Most villagers are employed in agricultural work but due to improper education and a lack of skills, total production remains insufficient to satisfy the people.[citation needed]

Although there are two government based schools and four private schools, students must travel long distances to other cities and towns for higher and modern education. The Indian government has also introduced various anganwadi kendra to provide basic education for villagers.


The local panchayat consists of three villages: Nawanagar, Usra and Bhadkuda and includes a total of 13 panchayat polling booths. Sudarshan Prasad Gupta is the current mukhiya, (elected village head) of the panchayat.


The village does not have a comprehensive electricity supply but through the efforts of local governing bodies, solar panels have been introduced to provide power for street lighting.[4]