Nawan Shehr

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Nawan Shehr
Nawan Shehr is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Nawan Shehr
Nawan Shehr
Nawan Shehr is located in Pakistan
Nawan Shehr
Nawan Shehr
Coordinates: 34°9′51″N 73°15′50″E / 34.16417°N 73.26389°E / 34.16417; 73.26389Coordinates: 34°9′51″N 73°15′50″E / 34.16417°N 73.26389°E / 34.16417; 73.26389
Country  Pakistan
Province  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District Abbottabad
Tehsil Abbottabad
Population (2017)[1]
 • Total 35,737

Nawan Shehr is a town in Abbottabad District in Khyber Pakthunkhwa of Pakistan. Nawan Shehr's most famous place is Ilyasi Masjid which is the oldest and largest mosque of Abbottabad, there is also a small hill with walking tracks just behind the masjid. The weather is pleasant in summer, so people from other parts of country come to visit Abbottabad and Nawan Shehr. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Abbottabad is also in Nawan Shehr. Nawan Shehr has its own old bazaar which is famous for its Chapli Kebab. Now it's a city.


Nawan Shehr is located on the way to Abbottabad City, the tourist resorts of Thandiani and Nathia Gali on Murree road.

Location: 34°10'N 73°16'E[2] Altitude : 1,216 m (3,990 ft)

A town in Abbottabad District, Murree road pass by the town which connects Abbottabad District with the Islamabad and Punjab (Murree) a tourist spot via Galliaat (Nathiagalli, Ayubia etc.). On the north side there is a series of mountains, West is the town itself and south the whole Abbottabad the beautiful city, city of schools and colleges, Oxford of Pakistan, and on east side is Pakistan Military Academy Kakul (PMA). Nawanshehr is the hub which connects different areas.


Former name of the town was 'Urasa' often called Wadi-e-Orash (Orash valley). Nawanshehr village was established in 1723 it remained a village during the British Raj. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the area was developed. The town was built and named NAWANSHEHR meaning "The New City". There used to be a fort built by the Sikhs near Ilyasi Masjid. Now there is no sign of this fort but that area is still known as Mohallah Qilla (Fort). Sixty-three people of the village went and fought for the British army in the Second World War.

Many ruins from British era can be seen in the town sculptured on the walls, particularly in the old town. Famous spring locally known as 'Naray' is locked in the town, which was once a Hindu temple and bathing place. The area is now been developed into a water supply schema, that pumps water to major areas within the town.


The town is currently undergoing development and increasing in prosperity and includes a Women's Medical College next to Hoti's House, Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education office building, Helipad and Cricket ground. Omar Teaching Hospital and Abbottabad Township Scheme. Keeping the pace forward in development the town has been added another medical college namely NIMS on the link road Nawanshehr, along with BISE functioning from Murree road Nawanshehr with its majesty building.


The main tribes of this village are as under:

Tourist attractions[edit]

Nawanshehr features some of its own tourist attractions, such as

  • Ilyasi Masjid

In Nawanshehr there is a famous mosque that was built over a stream of water that flows from the mountain. The mosque stills stands to this day and still has water flowing underneath it. It is called Ilyasi Masjid. In front of it is a little pond-like area in which people can ride paddle-driven boats. The place is also famous for the 'Pakora' stalls.

The main tribes of this village are abbasi. The majority of the people belongs to the Jadoon Tribe.


The language spoken in Nawanshehr is Hindko.


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