Nawfal ibn Khuwaylid

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Nawfal ibn Khuwaylid ibn Asad was one of the Non-Muslims who interacted with Muhammad.


Nawfal was the son of Khuwaylid ibn Asad and hence a paternal brother of Khadijah. His mother, known only as "Al-Adawiya", was from the Adiy clan of the Khuza’a tribe.[1]

"He was one of the principal men of the Quraysh."[2] He had the byname "Lion of the Quraysh" and "was well known for his physical strength and bravery."[3]

His son Al-Aswad was an early convert to Islam who joined the migration to Abyssinia in 616.[4] However, Nawfal opposed Muhammad and was known as "a satan of the Quraysh".[5] At one time he bound Abu Bakr and Talha ibn Ubayd-Allah with a rope.[6][7] Due to this, those two became known as Al-Qareenayn, "the two tied together".[3]

He was killed by Ali during the battle of Badr in 624.[2]

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