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The Nayak are a Hindu caste found in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.[1]

History and origin[edit]

The word Nayak means a head of a regiment. This word is derived from the Sanskrit senanayaka, which means head of a regiment. The Nayak trace their origin back to Suryavanshi Rajanya Kayasthas. They were highly regarded for their bravery, in due course they became a powerful group and occupied several forts and jagirs. In fear of their growing power the rulers tried to defame them in various ways. Then the Nayak withdrew themselves from the association of the Rajanya Kayasthas and came out as a separate community. It is said that when Parashuram the great mythical character was killing the Kshatriyas then the Nayak had to conceal their Kshatriya identity. Rajanya is the real word for kshatriyas according to Rig-Veda Purush Sukta. They have several other legends in which they trace their ancestry back to the mythical characters of lnchhbasu. One of the five sons of Surya to one of the wives of Brihaspati who was impregnated by Chandrama to Sangnya, One of the three wives of Surya. They recall their origin at Jatala village whence they migrated to Jaisalmer and hence to the various other parts. They are distributed in the districts of Sri Ganganagar, Churu, Sikar, Nagaur, Jhunjhunu etc. Their spoken language is Marwari. They are conversant with Hindi, Script used is Devnagari.[2][full citation needed]


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