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Nayak or Naik is a historic title conferred to Sardars, Governors of the feudatories in medieval times.

As a title[edit]

  • Nayak title was given by Vijayanagara rulers to their feudatories, who later established themselves as independent kingdoms as Nayak kingdoms after the downfall of Vijayanagara Empire in South India.[1]
  • Nayak title was given to the ministers of the Goan Kingdom.
  • Naik title was conferred to the Hindu Sardars by rulers of Maratha Empire.[2]
  • Naik title was used by the Raja's of Phaltan State.
  • Even the British has adapted this title for their army personnel. Nayak was a title which was in force in Mysore especially for the army personnel of distinction.[3][self-published source]

As a surname[edit]

Today, the surname Naik or Nayak is used by various castes and ethnic groups across India[4] including Keerthi Nayak

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