Nayka Dam

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Nayka Dam
Official nameBhogavo-I Water Resources Project
LocationGautamgadh, Sayla, Surendranagar District
Opening date1961
Construction costRs 75.03 Lakhs
Dam and spillways
Type of damEarthen
ImpoundsBhogavo River
Height (foundation)15 metres (49 ft)
Length2,012 metres (6,600 ft)
SpillwaysVertical 20, Automatic 14
Spillway typeOgee
Spillway capacity2097 m3/s
CreatesNayka Bhogavo I Reservoir[1]
Total capacity18 MCM
Active capacity13 MCM
Catchment area435 square kilometres (4.7×109 sq ft)
Nayka dam
Gujarat and Indian WRIS specifications differ

Nayka Dam is an earthen dam on the Bhogavo River located near Surendranagar in the Indian state of Gujarat.[2][3] Nayka is a major source of water and helps with flood control.

The dam serves seven villages. One village is fully and another village partially submerged behind the dam. The reservoir covers 122 hectares (300 acres; 0.47 sq mi) forest land, 140 hectares (350 acres; 0.54 sq mi) wasteland, 324 hectares (800 acres; 1.25 sq mi) cultivable land.[4]

The Nayka Dam irrigated 1,935 hectares (4,780 acres; 7.47 sq mi) in 1997-98.[4]


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