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Naz Shah
Official portrait of Naz Shah crop 2.jpg
Shah in June 2017
Shadow Minister of State for Women and Equalities
Assumed office
11 July 2018
Leader Jeremy Corbyn
Shadow Sec. Dawn Butler
Preceded by Office established
Member of Parliament
for Bradford West
Assumed office
7 May 2015
Preceded by George Galloway
Majority 21,902 (48.1%)[1]
Personal details
Born Naseem Shah
(1973-11-13) 13 November 1973 (age 44)
Bradford, England
Political party Labour

Naseem Shah (Urdu: نسیم شاہ‎) (born 13 November 1973[2]) is a British Labour Party politician. She was elected at the 2015 general election as Member of Parliament (MP) for Bradford West, and gained the seat from George Galloway of the Respect Party.[3][4]

In April 2016, Shah was suspended from the Labour Party following a controversy regarding antisemitism. The suspension was overturned and she was reinstated in July 2016[5][6] following her apology.[7] She was re-elected with a larger majority in the 2017 election. In July 2018, she was appointed to a junior Shadow Ministerial role as Shadow Minister of State for Women and Equalities, working alongside the Shadow Secretary of State, Dawn Butler.[8]

Early life[edit]

Born in Bradford,[9] Shah was abandoned by her father when six years old after he ran off with their neighbour's 16-year-old daughter. At age 12, she was sent to Pakistan by her mother, Zoora Shah. Zoora Shah fatally poisoned a man who had abused her, and served 14 years in prison for four charges including murder, attempted murder, solicitation to murder and forgery.[10][11]

While in Pakistan, Shah had an arranged marriage.[9][11]


Before being elected as an MP, Shah was the chair of mental health charity, Sharing Voices Bradford, and had previously worked as a carer for disabled people, as an NHS Commissioner and a director for a regional association supporting local councils.[12] She has said that she voted for George Galloway at the Bradford West by-election in 2012.[13][14] Working with the Southall Black Sisters, Shah spent twelve years campaigning for her mother's release from prison.[15]

Political career[edit]

2015 general election selection[edit]

Shah was selected to stand for the Labour Party in March 2015, as Labour HQ's preferred candidate, after Amina Ali who won the original selection process unexpectedly stood down[3][16] amidst an increasingly "conflictual relationship"[17] between the national Labour Party and local party members.

In a secret ballot on 21 February 2015, 237 Labour Party members in Bradford took part in the selection vote which saw Amina Ali winning with 142 votes. Shah received 13 votes. However, after Ali resigned her candidature within 72 hours citing personal reasons,[18][19] Shah was chosen as the new candidate by the Labour Party National Executive.[20][21]

Shah continued to enjoy favour from the national Labour Party - originally being dubbed one of the "stars of the new intake".[22] Harriet Harman reflected that Shah "will represent not just the people in her constituency, but all the people who feel they've had an absolutely terrible time and want somebody to fight for them".[23] Yvette Cooper, during a campaigning visit to the region, declared that she was "so proud of the work Naz has been doing" and "all the people she has been talking to".[24]

2015 general election[edit]

Shah won the Bradford West constituency with a majority of 11,420 over George Galloway in May 2015.[25] When elected, Shah was one of nine Muslim Labour MPs.[15]

On 10 May 2015, Galloway announced an intention to challenge the result, alleging that false statements and malpractice related to postal votes during the campaign meant that the result of the election should be set aside,[26] but did not in fact launch a legal challenge.[27]

On the other hand while congratulating Shah on "her successful and resounding election", the Fawcett Society expressed concern that "the continued opposition of the unsuccessful Respect Party candidate George Galloway, to Shah's election is the culmination of a sexist electoral campaign by Galloway".[28]

In July 2015, Jeremy Corbyn who also commented on Galloway's actions during the election, said that he thought "...the tactics he (George Galloway) used against our candidate, were appalling. I was quite shocked; it was appalling."[29]

Parliamentary and political record[edit]

Shah endorsed Yvette Cooper during the Labour leadership contest in 2015.[30]

In March 2016, she contributed to the special edition of Progress' magazine.[31]

Shah was appointed as Parliamentary Private Secretary to John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, in February 2016.[32]

Suspension from the Labour Party[edit]

In April 2016, amidst an ongoing controversy about antisemitism in the Labour Party, Shah was discovered by blogger Paul Staines to have shared a Facebook post from Norman Finkelstein in August 2014 supporting the relocation of Israel to the United States.[33] Shah also commented on the post, suggesting the plan might "save them some pocket money".[34][35] Her views were described as normal politics in Bradford in an article by Ben Judah in The Independent, in which he described being punched in the head and called a "fucking Jew".[36] The author of the post, Finkelstein, commented: "[the map] was, and still is, funny. Were it not for the current political context, nobody would have noticed Shah’s reposting of it either. Otherwise, you’d have to be humourless. [..] As crazy as the discourse on Israel is in America, at least we still have a sense of humour. It’s inconceivable that any politician in the U.S. would be crucified for posting such a map."[37]

Shah stated in response that her views on Israel had moderated in the 20 months since the post. On 26 April 2016, she stepped down from her unpaid post as John McDonnell's Parliamentary Private Secretary, but kept her seat on the Home Affairs Select Committee investigating the rise of antisemitism in the UK.[38][39][40]

Jeremy Corbyn condemned the remarks an "offensive and unacceptable", and Shah was suspended from the Labour Party on 27 April 2016.[5] On 5 July 2016, Shah's suspension was overturned, and she was reinstated. Labour's National Executive Committee gave her a formal warning, told her to apologise for bringing the party into disrepute, and warned that if there was another incident, she would be expelled.[41] In her first interview after the reinstatement, she said the controversy was caused by her "ignorance" and that the post was antisemitic but she was not.[42]

2017 general election[edit]

At the general election in June 2017, Shah was re-elected with an increased vote share, and an increased majority of 21,902 votes over the second-placed Conservative Party candidate, nearly doubling her majority.[1][43]

Twitter controversies[edit]

In August 2017, Shah retweeted and liked a tweet from an Owen Jones parody account which read: "Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity". Shah deleted the retweet and unliked the tweet soon after.[44] A spokesperson for Shah said: "This was a genuine accident eight days ago that was rectified within minutes."[45][46] Shah was quoted in the Rotherham Advertiser that she had been working for "over 20 years on the issues of child abuse, violence against women, and grooming".[44] Shah was criticised by the Equality and Human Rights Commission chief executive Rebecca Hilsenrath, who said the MP "should know better",[45] and the controversy led to a campaign to have Shah resign or be removed from her job.[46] A survivor of the Rotherham abuse called for Shah to make a public apology and resign.[44]

Following Winnie Madikizela-Mandela's death in April 2018, Shah paid tribute to her on Twitter by tweeting an image with Mandela's quote: "Together, hand in hand, with our matches and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country."[47] The practice of necklacing is the summary execution and torture carried out by forcing a rubber tyre, filled with petrol, around a victim's chest and arms, and setting it on fire. Shah later deleted the tweet without comment.[48][49]

Shadow Minister of State for Women and Equalities[edit]

In July 2018, Shah was appointed Shadow Minister of State for Women and Equalities.[43]

Personal life[edit]

During the early 2010s, Shah was injured in a hit-and-run collision, which has left her with ongoing periodic severe nerve pain which requires hospitalisation.[50]


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