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Nazar (TV series) poster.jpg
Created by
Written byStory:
Mrinal Jha
Divya Sharma
Aparjit Sinha
Directed byAatif Khan
Theme music composerTapas Relia
Opening themeSaajna by Pamela Jain
  • Sanjeev Srivastava
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes95 as of 7 December 2018
Producer(s)Gul Khan
Karishma Jain
Production location(s)Mumbai
Camera setupMulti camera
Running time22 min approx
Production company(s)4 Lions Films
DistributorStar India
Original network
Picture format
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original release30 July 2018 (2018-07-30) – Present
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Nazar (lit. Evil eye) is an Indian supernatural thriller television series, which airs on Star Plus and streams on Hotstar. The story is about an evil Daayan and the troubles faced by the family under her nazar. Nazar is dubbed in Telugu and aired as Ave Kallu on Star Maa and in Tamil on Star Vijay as Adhe Kangal.

It stars Antara Biswas, Niyati Fatnani and Harsh Rajput. The show is produced by Gul Khan and Karishma Jain for 4 Lions Films, directed by Atif Khan, and written by Mrinal Jha.[1]


The story revolves around a 200 year old life-force sucking Daayan (Witch), Mohana (Antara Biswas) kills people and to steal their age (life force) which keeps her young and beautiful. In 1997, she enchants Mridul Rathod (Ankur Nayyar) who becomes captivated by her surreal beauty. They marry and have two children, Ansh and Kajal, after which Mohana kills Mridul. Divya, a psychic and a friend of Mridul's sister-in-law, Vedashree Rathod (Ritu Chaudhary) comes to help Mridul's bedevilled family and ward off the wicked Witch. They pursue Mohana into the woods along with a mob of villagers holding torches. Once cornered, Mohana was set on fire which turns her into stone. But as Mohana is a unique and very powerful Daayan, her magical evil gaze (nazar) still lurks on the family. Vedashree adopts Ansh and Kajal.

18 years later, Ansh (Harsh Rajput) and Kajal (Pallavi Gupta) are grown ups in a city far from the village of Baandaap. Ansh discovers his superpowers, but does not know that he is a Daavansh (the son of a Daayan). He can be saved from turning to the dark side only by a girl who has Goddess Durga's symbol as her birthmark, and is referred to as a Devik (demigoddess). Divya's daughter Piya has the symbol of the "Devi-Maa" Durga on the back of her neck as a birthmark. Sparks fly between Ansh and Piya though they also butt heads. Mohana sends a puppet daayan called Ruby with a tattoo of Durga's symbol to fool the family and marry Ansh so that Mohana can return, and also to keep the family from knowing the real Devik. Ansh and Veidashree come under Ruby's control during which Ruby and Ansh get married while the rest of the family spellbound in a trance like state, the marriage releases Mohana from the charms and spells that imprisoned her.

The Raathod family reunites with Mohana, and Ansh learns about his real mother, Mohana. Naman, Piya's childhood friend and obsessive lover, attempts to marry Piya but Ansh stops the wedding so that Piya can come with him to revive Veidashree, who was turned to stone. Mohana reveals that she has trapped Piya's mother in the form of a bird all these years. Ansh learns that Ruby is a Daayan and he is a Daavansh. It is also revealed that Vedashree is Mohana's half-sister, shocking the family. Piya comes to know that her college professor, Nishant, is her father and she also has a sister, Saavi.

Naman gains the powers of a Daayan by wearing Ruby's plait; he attacks and terrorises the Raathod family all night to get Mohana's plait (now temporarily weak) she is the most powerful Daayan. But, Veidashree revitalises a weakened Mohana by letting sunlight into the room at dawn, and saves her in the process. However, the family faces new challenges after Saavi, who had come to kill Mohana, gets charmed by Mohana and releases Dilruba, a beautiful and powerful chudail (Female Demon) to hatch a new conspiracy to separate Piya and Ansh. The family throws Naman and Ruby out of the house but Ruby warns that they are making a mistake by letting the real danger (Mohana) stay.

Lured by Mohana, Piya gets trapped inside a house that is sealed by Dilruba's hex, while searching for her mother. Professor Nishant, who is also a psychic and a Reevaavanshii (A clan responsible for killing evil entities likes Daayan and Chudails) advises that the only way to free Piya is by pleasing Dilruba and making her dance for joy. Ansh's engagement is planned by the family to make Dilruba happy but she still does not dance. Professor Nishant comes up with a plan to make Dilruba dance in which Mohana cooperates at the insistence of her son, so Piya can be freed from the Chudail's clutches. Dilruba finally dances after being taunted and challenged by Mohana, after dancing the witch gets weak and tired, Professor Nishant ties her up with his magical tether and instead to do away with her forever. Dilruba uses her shape-shifting abilities to turn into Piya, shocks everyone and confuses a hesitant Ansh. Mohana switches the Chudail with the real Piya so that they would believe she was the Chudail and kill her. Ansh recognises Piya's voice and aura and rushes to her side, but Nishant fires his weapon anyway. Ruby comes in the way between them and gets killed. Ruby dies and the whole family is shocked by the fact that a Daayan can actually love someone and die to save them.

Divya is freed from Mohana's clutches and the family prepares for Ansh and Piya's marriage. The plot reveals that Divya is a Sarpika (serpent) who was friends with Mohana in the past, but after Mohana killed her son they became enemies. Divya wants to take revenge from Mohana because of who she lost her son and was separated from Nishant. They get into a fight, at the end of which Mohana tricks Divya and stabs her from behind with a sword. Piya finds a wounded Divya in the woods and is extremely upset. When she touches Divya's blood and because she was wearing the "Sarp-Angootii" (a serpent's magic ring), Divya's serpentine power's transfer to Piya, who now becomes the new Sarpika (naagin). The bereaved Piya now wants to avenge the death of her mother, and so does not let anyone know about her mother's death. Piya and Ansh marry and much to Mohana's dismay, she finds out about Piya's secret new serpentine powers. Mohana attacks Piya after knowing the truth, but a disbelieving Ansh intervenes to stop her and the whole family grows more suspicious of Mohana.



  • Antara Biswas as Mohana Mridul Rathod/Ekaayan/Bhabhi Daayan, a 200 years old and the most powerfulDaayan, Ansh and Kajal's biological mother, Mridul's wife and Vedashree's half-sister who eats people's age to remain young.
  • Niyati Fatnani as Piya Ansh Rathod née Sharma, Ansh's wife, Nishant and Divya's daughter, Saavi's older sister. The Daivik who has a Goddess Durga's mark on her shoulder, which works like an Amulet. She later becomes a Sarpika after her mother's death.
  • Harsh Rajput as Ansh Rathod, Ruby and Piya's husband, Mohana and Mridul's biological son, Vedashree and Shekhar's adopted son. He is a Daavansh with supernatural powers.
  • Sonya Pink as Ruby Ansh Rathod/Bahu Daayan, Ansh's former wife, a Daayan and Mohana's puppet. (Dead)[2]
  • Ritu Chaudhary Seth as Vedashree Shekhar Rathod, Ansh and Kajal's adoptive mother, Divya's friend, Shekhar's wife and Mohana's younger half-sister.
  • Smita Bansal as Divya Nishant Sharma, Nishant's wife, Piya's and Saavi's mother, a Reevavanshi and a Sarpavanshi Naagin Sarpika. (Dead)


  • Ashita Dhawan as Chaitali Avinash Rathod, Avinash's wife, Rishi and Neha's mother and Ansh and Kajal's aunt.
  • Amit Kaushik as Shekhar Rathod, Vedashree's husband, Ansh and Kajal's adoptive father, Avinash's brother.
  • Kapil Soni as Avinash Rathod, Chaitali's husband, Rishi and Neha's father and Ansh and Kajal's uncle, Shekhar's brother.
  • Jatin Bhardwaj as Rishi Rathod, Avinash and Chaitali's son, Neha's brother, Ansh and Kajal's cousin.
  • Resham P.S. as Neha Rathod, Avinash and Chaitali's daughter, Rishi's sister, Ansh and Kajal's cousin.
  • Pallavi Gupta as Kajal Rathod, Ansh's sister, Vedashree and Shekhar's adopted daughter, Mohana and Mridul's biological daughter.[3]
  • Amardeep Jha as Guru Maa,[4] a visually challenged priestess who raised Piya after Divya's disappearance.
  • Ankur Nayyar as Mridul Rathod,[5] Mohana's husband, Shekhar's younger brother, Ansh and Kajal's biological father. (Dead)
  • Sumit Kaul as Professor Nishant Sharma, Piya's and Saavi's father, Divya's husband and a Reevavanshi.[6]
  • Simran Budharup as Saavi Sharma, Divya and Nishant's daughter, Piya's younger sister and a Reevavanshi.
  • Aamir S Khan as Naman/Aadmi Daayan/Duplicate Daayan, Guru Maa's son and Piya's obsessive lover. Ruby gives him her Choti which has all her powers, He adds the choti to his hair to be come a Daayan human hybrid. Chaitali refers this hybrid as Aadmi Daayan and Duplicate daayan
  • Sreejita De as Dilruba, the most powerful Chudail and Mohana's enemy.
  • Moni Rai as a man in first episode, victim of wrath by Mohana. (Cameo)


Times of India's Gursimran Kaur Banga reviewed the show negatively, calling it "unrealistic and illogical" and criticising the plot, the actors, and the dialogue.[7]

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