Nazareth Bank

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Nazareth Bank is located in Indian Ocean
Nazareth Bank
Nazareth Bank
Location of the Nazareth Bank in the Indian Ocean
Nazareth Bank and Saya de Malha on 1794 Samuel Dunn map section

Nazareth Bank is a large submerged bank in the Indian Ocean. It lies about 1040 km east of northern Madagascar and 280 km south of Saya de Malha Bank. The closest land is Cargados Carajos shoals, a small and remote dependency of Mauritius located 140 km to the southwest. The Nazareth Bank is part of the vast undersea Mascarene Plateau[1] and of the Reunion hotspot track.[2] The center of the bank is at 14°30′0.0″S 60°40′0.00″E / 14.500000°S 60.6666667°E / -14.500000; 60.6666667. Its extent is about 176 km north-south and up to 87 km east-west, with a surface of about 11,000 km².[3] This undersea bank is administered by Mauritius.

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