Nazareth Village

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Nazareth Village
PikiWiki Israel 18488 Nazareth Village.jpg
House in Nazareth Village
Nazareth Village is located in Israel
Nazareth Village
Location within Israel
Established 2000
Location Nazareth, Israel
Coordinates 32°42′0.29″N 35°17′29.82″E / 32.7000806°N 35.2916167°E / 32.7000806; 35.2916167Coordinates: 32°42′0.29″N 35°17′29.82″E / 32.7000806°N 35.2916167°E / 32.7000806; 35.2916167
Type Open-air museum
Founder Nakhle Bishara

Nazareth Village is an open-air museum in Nazareth, Israel, that reconstructs and reenacts village life in the Galilee in the time of Jesus.[1]

The village features houses, terraced fields, wine and olive presses all built to resemble those that would have been in a Galilee village in the 1st century. Muslim and Christian living history enactors dress in period costume and show visitors how farm, domestic, and craft work was performed two thousand years ago.[2][3]

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