Nazca (anime)

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(Jikū Tenshō Nasuka)
Anime television series
Directed by Hiroko Tokita
Produced by Motoki Ueda
Yasuyuki Ueda
Written by Tsunehisa Ito
Music by Tsuneyoshi Saito
Studio Genco, Radix
Licensed by
Original network TV Tokyo
Original run April 6, 1998June 29, 1998
Episodes 12
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Nazca (時空転抄ナスカ, Jikū Tenshō Nasuka) is an anime series created by Yoshihiko Inamoto. It is about a group of people who are reincarnations of ancient Inca warriors who have returned to re-enact a civil war that resulted in the fall of the Inca Empire.

Miura Kyoji, a dedicated kendo student, discovers that his instructor, Tate Masanari, is a reincarnated Inca warrior named Yawaru who wishes to destroy the world to purify it. Kyoji himself is the warrior Bilka, who foiled Yawaru's plans in their previous lives. As Yawaru gathers other awakened spirits to give him ever more power, Kyoji faces conflicting loyalties; he must decide if he is merely a vessel for the reincarnated soul, destined to fulfill a role given to him and destroy a person he liked and respected in order to save the world, or if he is a free individual who can bring Masanari to his senses and break the cycle of rebirth and human possession.

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