Nazi Abad

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Nazi Abad is a neighborhood to the south of the central district of the city of Tehran in Iran. Although the south part of Tehran is poorer than the north part, Nazi Abad is one of the best neighborhoods. From "Bazar Avval" to "Bazar Dovvom" in Shahid Babayi Street (Also called Madaen Street) is the fashion district of south Tehran. This neighborhood was named "Nazi Abad", after the original "Naz Abad" neighborhood during the Qajar Dynasty. [1]

Most people who have lived in the area, the owner's name and reputation have been, moved from the area and have gone to other parts of Tehran including famous footballers like Hamid Reza Estili (Persian: حميد استيلی) pointed out a potential actor named Akbar Abdi (Persian: اکبر عبدی). Sports are important to the people of this region.