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Nazitübbies is a series of shorts currently (as of 2007) appearing in the former Danish satirical late-night talk show den 11. time. The show is a parody of the BBC's children's television series Teletubbies, and it tries to envisage what this show would have looked like, had the Nazis won World War II.

Nazitübbies features the four colourful characters: Heinrich Himmler as Tinky Winky (actually Dipsy) (who is black instead of green), Joseph Goebbels as Dipsy (actually Laa-Laa) (who is gold instead of yellow), Hermann Göring as Laa-Laa (actually Tinky Winky) (who is blue instead of purple) and Rudolf Hess as Po (who is brown instead of red). Named after the four Nazi leaders of the same name, they live in an underground air-raid shelter in a flowering meadow, and engage in various wholesome activities such as stealing Nazi gold from one another, marching their Alsatians, or learning how to goose-step under the command of the leading Nazitübbie, Luftmarschall Göring.

Like the Teletubbies, the Nazitübbies show short movieclips on TV-screens on their bellies. These clips are usually taken from Die Deutsche Wochenschau, a series of German newsreels running from 1940 until the end of World War II, often focusing on the accomplishments of Fritz Todt and the construction of the Autobahn.

Adolf Hitler is frequently seen on the show, where he is pictured as the Sun shining down on the meadow. Every time he is shown, the sound of child-laughter can be heard in the background. The music score is a mixture of typical light-hearted children's TV music and military march music.

The sketches open with Adolf Hitler as the sun rising over the meadow and the camera overlooking the air raid shelter with the narrator saying "The Nazitübbies live at the great bunker in the green forest. They are having a real good time." The Nazitübbies then all run out of the bunker and then stand the way the Teletubbies stand in the opening sequence. But this time, they all stand up straight as the logo appears and disappears the way the Teletubbies logo does so. We then see a voice trumpet similar to the ones on Teletubbies and it says "Here Come the Nazitübbies! Here Come the Nazitübbies! Here Come the Nazitübbies!" and the Nazitübbies chant "Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!" and it then cuts to clips of the Nazitübbies bumping tummies like in the Teletubbies opening, with clips of the Nazitübbies knocking each other down and a clip of Göring hitting Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler sitting on Hess and the latter wrestling the former and Göring chasing Goebbels, as the narrator says the Nazitübbies' names and as he says them, the camera zooms in on that Nazitübby. The Nazitübbies then sing "Nazitübbies, Nazitübbies! Heil! Heil! Heil!" and then running off. The sketches end with the voice trumpet saying "Now it's time for Nazitübby bye-bye. Now it's time for Nazitübby bye-bye." The Nazitübbies then all say "Bye-bye." and then run into their house one by one as the narrator says "So long, Nazitübbies. Have a good time until we meet again!" Göring is the last Nazitübby to go into the house and when he does, he closes the doors. But he then opens them again and says "Bye-bye." and then closes the doors and laughing is heard.

The talkshow den 11. time on which Nazitübbies formerly appeared was broadcast until 2008 on Danmarks Radio, the national Danish public service broadcaster and on Kanal 5.