Nazlet Zeid

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Nazlet Zeid
Other transcription(s)
 • Arabic خربة نزلة زيد
 • Also spelled Nazlat ash-Sheikh Zeid (official)
Nazlet Zeid is located in the Palestinian territories
Nazlet Zeid
Nazlet Zeid
Location of Nazlet Zeid within Palestine
Coordinates: 32°27′45.38″N 35°10′30.42″E / 32.4626056°N 35.1751167°E / 32.4626056; 35.1751167Coordinates: 32°27′45.38″N 35°10′30.42″E / 32.4626056°N 35.1751167°E / 32.4626056; 35.1751167
Governorate Jenin
 • Type Village council
Population (2006)
 • Jurisdiction 729

Nazlet Zeid (Arabic: خربة نزلة زيد‎, also spelled Nazlat ash-Sheikh Zeid). Was called Sheikh Zaid, around 1000 people inhabited this village, they are all of the family "Al-Kilani". Palestinian village in the West Bank governorate of Jenin The village was named relative to Sheikh Zaid Kilani, leader of the Kilani family. Located 3 north Yabad near the jungles of Yabad city where Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam where killed by the British Armies in 1935. The village is in the "C" area, under the Israeli occupation since 1967 and currently the separation wall passes between its lands. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the village had a population of 729 inhabitants in mid-year 2006.[1]



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