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Nazraeli Press
FounderChris Pichler
Country of originGermany
Headquarters locationPaso Robles, California
Publication typesBooks
Nonfiction topicsPhotography

Nazraeli Press is a publisher of books of photography.[1] It was founded in 1989, in Munich, Germany, by Chris Pichler[2] and has been based in the USA since 1996.

Nazraeli publishes roughly 30 new titles each year[2] and has published over 400 with work by photographers from the United States, South America, Europe and Asia.[3] Pichler runs the company with director Alison Crosby.[2] Nazraeli publishes traditional monograph books, and also produces books in various niche series where each series has its own characteristics: One Picture Book, NZ Library, and Six by Six.

Nazraeli has been based in Germany (1989–1996), Tucson, Arizona (1996–2001?), Portland, Oregon (2001 – 2014/2015?) and Paso Robles, California.[4] (since 2014/2015?). It has facilities in Manchester, England, for sales in Europe.

Book categories[edit]

Nazraeli publishes traditional monographs with print runs up to 3000 copies,[2] and also produces these book series:

  • One Picture Book[1] – small sized format, hardcover, uniformly designed, 16 pages long, with a signed and numbered tipped-in print (signed on the verso by the artist, hence the name of the series). Produced in groups of four titles at a time, approximately twice a year, in editions of 500 copies.[5][6] The authors are both established photographers and unpublished, lesser-known photographers.[1] One Picture Book were first published in 2000 and will cease in this format in 2016 with the hundredth publication.
  • NZ Library – 12 x 15 inches in size, in a slipcase. Produced as a set of six new titles, once or twice a year, in editions of 350 copies.[7]
  • Six by Six – oversized, in a slipcase, with a loose signed print. A total of six sets will be produced every six months, each set containing six titles, in editions of 100 copies.[8][9]

In conjunction with Joy of Giving Something (JGS), Nazraeli distributed the seven issues of JGS' journal, Witness, between 2007 and 2009. For each issue a different photographer guest edited – choosing their own work and that of others for inclusion, and designing the cover and much of the contents.[10]

Authors (selected)[edit]

Some of the people whose work has been published by Nazraeli Press:

  • Robert Adams (I Hear the Leaves and Love the Light, 1999; Boddhisattva: A Gandharan Face, 2001; Alders, 2002; Pine Valley, 2005; A Portrait in Landscapes, 2005; Interiors 1973–1974, 2006; Still Lives at Manzanita, 2006; The Question of Hope: Photographs in Western Oregon, 2013)
  • Peter Fraser (Peter Fraser, 2006)
  • Lee Friedlander (Staglieno, 2002)
  • Todd Hido (House Hunting, 2001; Outskirts, 2002; Taft Street, One Picture Book 6, 2001; Roaming, 2004; Between the Two, 2006; Crooked Cracked Tree in Fog, One Picture Book 60, 2009; Cracked Trees, One Picture Book 59, 2009; A Road Divided, 2010; Motel Club, Six by Six, set 1 v. 4, 2010; Leon Borensztein: American Portraits 1979-1989, 2011; Excerpts from Silver Meadows, 2013; B-Sides - Silver Meadows, 2014; "Bright Black World," 2018)
  • Bill Jay (Occam's Razor: Outside-in Viewing Contemporary Photography, 1994)
  • Michael Kenna (the majority of his publications)
  • David Maisel (History's Shadow, 2007)
  • Richard Misrach (iPhone Studies: Reverse Scrubs, One Picture Book 82, 2013; Misrach, Six by Six, set 5, 2014)
  • Daido Moriyama (Memories of a Dog, 2004; Self, One Picture Book 90, 2015)
  • Martin Parr (7 Communist Still Lifes, One Picture Book 17, 2003; 7 Colonial Still Lifes, One Picture Book 28, 2005; 7 Cups of Tea, One Picture Book 74, 2012; Machu Picchu, Six by Six, set 1 v. 4, 2010)
  • Melanie Pullen (High Fashion Crime Scenes, 2005)
  • Alessandra Sanguinetti (On the Sixth Day, 2005; The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of their Dreams, 2010).
  • Stephen Shore (Essex County, 2006; Merced River, One Picture Book 43, 2009)
  • Alec Soth (One Mississippi, 2010)


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