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NcFTP downloading a file
NcFTP downloading a file
Original author(s) Mike Gleason
Developer(s) NcFTP Software Inc.
Initial release 1991
Stable release
3.2.6 / November 27, 2016; 20 months ago (2016-11-27)
Written in C (nCurses)[1]
Operating system Cross-platform
Type FTP client
License Clarified Artistic License

NcFTP is an FTP client program which debuted in 1990 as the first alternative FTP client. It was created as an alternative to the standard UNIX ftp program, and offers a number of additional features and greater ease of use.

NcFTP is a command-line user interface program, and runs on a large number of platforms.

The program often provided a user's first exposure to features such as bookmarks, automatic use of binary transfers, dynamic progress meters, automatic anonymous logons, recursive downloading, resumption of failed downloads, "redialing" unresponsive hosts, use of passive transfers, and tips at start up.

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