Ndiyona Constituency

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Location of Ndiyona constituency in the Kavango Region

Ndiyona is a constituency in the Kavango East region of Namibia. As of 2004 it has 19,150 inhabitants,[1] the district centre is the settlement of Ndiyona.

The constituency contains the Khaudom National Park as well as the settlements of Nyangana, Shamwimbi, Twitwima, Kakekete, Tcotcoma, Cwibo, Shishidjo, Shakambu, Gcumagcashi, Cubambam, Cakwe, and Causa.[2]

There is a bilateral agreement with Angola to allow mutual near-border immigration without travel documents. This applies to a maximum distance of 30 km, it is not valid for tourists.[citation needed]


The 2015 regional elections were won by Swapo party candidate Eugen Likuwa with 1,859 votes. Florian Haingura of the All People's Party (APP) came second with 293 votes.[3]


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Coordinates: 18°00′S 20°42′E / 18°S 20.7°E / -18; 20.7