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Original author(s) NehoX
Developer(s) NehoX
Stable release
1.1 / Sep 20, 2012 [1]
Operating system Linux, Windows
Available in English
Type Control Panel
License Proprietary

NehoX Game Panel is a web-based game server hosting control panel to help easily manage game servers.[2] NehoX is designed to simplify the process to deploy, automate, and maintain game servers and remote servers. NehoX automates the installation process and the remote server installation process at the click of a button to enable administrators to add additional servers and fully control everything from the master server.

NehoX works on dedicated servers or virtual private servers and has been tested to work with CentOS with plans of working with Ubuntu and Debian.

System requirements[edit]

NehoX is compatible with CentOS[3] and in the future will work on Ubuntu and Debian.

The following specifications are required:

Master Server
VPS or Dedicated Server
Linux - CentOS 5+
Root Access
Networking Access
NehoX Community or Pro License

Remote Server
VPS or Dedicated Server
Linux - CentOS 5+
Windows - Server 2003 or 2008
Root / Administrator Access
Networking Access
NehoX Pro License & Remote License


December 2014, NeHoX seems to be out of existence!

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