NeXTcube Turbo

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Manufacturer NeXT
Type Workstation
Release date April 7, 1992; 25 years ago (1992-04-07)[1]
Operating system NeXTSTEP, OPENSTEP, NetBSD (limited support)
CPU Motorola 68040 @ 33 MHz, 56001 digital signal processor (DSP)
Dimensions 1-foot (305 mm) die-cast magnesium cube-shaped case

The NeXTcube Turbo was a high-end workstation computer developed, manufactured and sold by NeXT. It superseded the earlier NeXTcube workstation and was housed in the same cube-shaped magnesium enclosure. The workstation ran the NeXTSTEP operating system.


The NeXTcube Turbo was a development of the earlier NeXTcube. It differed from its predecessor in having a 33 MHz 68040 processor.

The NeXTdimension board could also be used in the NeXTcube Turbo.

There was also a very rare accelerator board known as the Nitro; between 5 and 20 are estimated to have been made. It increased the speed of a NeXTcube Turbo by replacing the standard 33 MHz processor with a 40 MHz one.[2] Complete Nitro systems are rarely traded.[citation needed]


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